Homemade Foam Putty

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Foam Putty is the latest kids craze. It is a modelling material containing small foam lumps, for added texture. Foam putty can be used to cover many items, and once dried it sets in place.

The top brand of foam putty, which I'm sure you will have heard of, is rather expensive. Especially since it can be made cheaply at home.

So, here is the recipe:

1-Tsp. Borax (available in laundry aisle at your grocery store)**
½-Cup Water (Tap water is fine)
¼-Cup White Glue
¼-Cup Water (Tap water is fine)
1-Zip Lock Bag (1 qt. Bag is best)
Food Coloring (Optional- but kids like colors)
Styrofoam Beads (about 26 oz. for above)

1. Dissolve 1-Tsp. Borax Completely in ½-cup (4 oz.) water.
2. In a separate bowl mix ¼-cup (2 oz.) white glue and ¼-cup (2 oz.) water. (1/2 cup each=1 cup of slime). Add a couple of drops of food coloring of your choice to this solution.
3. Pour the glue solution into a zip lock bag. Then add 1-Tbsp. of the Borax/water solution to the glue solution (Another recipe says add the whole borax/water mix, so see what's best!. At this point you will think that this stuff will never come out of this bag.
4. Add Styrofoam Beads to the mixture. These beads can usually be found at any craft store.
5. Seal bag and knead by hand until thoroughly mixed. Let stand about 15 minutes, and then knead by hand again. Take out of bag when the gel separates easily from the inside bag walls. It will have the consistency of dough.

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