Honda ANF 125 Innova

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The Innova is Honda's replacement for the trusty C50/70/90 Cub range - this is important to remember as the Innova is very different to modern scooters and not close to any small motorcycles either; for C90 riders though it makes sense!

The whole feel of the Innova, from manoeuvring in the shed to riding it is much more solid than a C90. The suspension, steering and brakes are great improvements yet still have the simplicity the C90 is famous for. The chain is fully enclosed and all-weather riders will appreciate that! The gearing is very different; the change is much smoother yet the C90 novelties are still there - how many bikes let you stop in 4th gear then shift directly to neutral? The Heel & Toe gear lever is usefull as is the dash gear indicator. First gear is much higher than a C90 and so more usefull, third is about the same as a C90 and fourth makes higher speeds more relaxed. In town, fourth is a bit high for urban traffic and this leads to the only real gripe about the Innova - low speed torque. At 30 in fourth, the Innova is not much above tickover and so to accelerate as you leave an urban area or to climb a steep hill you have to change down. The clutch on the Innova does not want to slip once you have pulled away wheras the C90 would use clutch slip for better accelleration - this might just be adjustment though?

I have seen many moans about tank size and range yet once again, as a C90 update there is no problem. The only comment would be that the tiny underseat compartment would have been an opportunity for a 5 to6 litre tank? - Most C90 riders fit a rack and top box and I have done the same to my Innova.

To sum up; a very competent commuter bike that should run for years with minimal cost. Not as stylish, fast or cheap as some modern scooters and not really a motor cycle - Hardened C90 riders will love it!

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