Honda Motorbike Parts Buying Guide

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Honda Motorbike Parts Buying Guide

Whether negotiating dirt tracks in the woods of Mid Devon or cruising the Lake District, riders take special pleasure in driving their Honda motorbikes. Honda is one of the leading names in the motorbike industry, and it makes quality motorbikes for various types of riding. The company's motorbikes are generally durable, and Honda motorbike owners can get many years of riding from their bikes if they pay attention to maintenance. One of the key aspects of good maintenance of a Honda motorbike is replacing parts as they wear down.

Honda motorbikes are relatively sophisticated machines, so keeping them in prime condition requires good knowledge of Honda motorbike parts.. Users should consider a few points when buying new parts, including the manufacturing origin of the parts and the types of motorbikes they own. They should also know the important areas of their motorbikes in order to replace parts in those places. Honda motorbike parts are not only for replacement, though. Consumers can buy Honda motorbike parts from a source such as eBay to upgrade a bike's performance. With good knowledge of Honda motorbike parts, buyers can successfully acquire the parts they need through this website.

Considerations in Buying Honda Motorbike Parts

Buyers should consider a few important points about motorbike parts in general when purchasing parts for Honda motorbikes. Parts may be labelled as OE, OEM, or aftermarket, so consumers should know what these designations mean and how they may influence buying decisions. Certain Honda motorbike parts may be better suited to one type of Honda motorbike than to others. It is therefore important that consumers shop for parts by the type of Honda motorbikes that they own. Consumers should also have an objective behind purchasing Honda motorbike parts, such as either replacing non-functioning parts or upgrading parts on motorbikes. Keeping these points in mind helps consumers purchase the right Honda motorbike parts based on their needs.

OE, OEM, and Aftermarket Honda Motorbike Parts

OE, OEM, and aftermarket are all designations that manufacturers of vehicle parts use to signify generally who made the parts. These designations help consumers know what to expect from the parts, so knowing what the designations mean helps consumers make informed decisions about buying Honda motorbike parts.

OE Honda Motorbike Parts

A Honda motorbike part labelled OE signifies that it is "original equipment". This means that Honda itself produced the part either at one of its factories or at a factory contracted to produce parts solely for Honda. It means that the company also designed the part. Replacement parts labelled OE are replicas of parts that originally come with a Honda motorbike. Consumers can therefore expect a similar fit and performance level from an OE Honda motorbike part.

OEM Honda Motorbike Parts

A Honda motorbike part labelled OEM signifies that it is from an "original equipment manufacturer". OEM parts replace the original parts that come with Honda motorbikes, just as OE parts do. The main difference is that Honda sends specifications for these parts to independent manufacturers who design and produce the parts according to the specifications. Whereas an OE replacement part may be packaged in Honda packaging, an OEM part is sold in the manufacturer's packaging. This can be confusing for some customers, but they can rest assured that OEM parts are exact replacements for the parts that originally came with their Honda motorbikes. They can therefore expect OEM Honda motorbike parts to perform just as well as the parts they are replacing.

Honda Motorbike Parts in the Aftermarket

Independent manufacturers design and produce aftermarket parts. These manufacturers do not collaborate with Honda in any way. This results in variance as to the quality of aftermarket parts, with some parts representing an upgrade and others not performing as well as the original parts on Honda motorbikes. However, there are numerous reputable manufacturers of aftermarket Honda motorbike parts that consumers can trust. Aftermarket parts from these manufacturers usually represent an upgrade in performance and fit well on Honda motorbikes.

Honda Motorbike Types

One should also consider the type of Honda motorbike for which the parts are needed. The three main types of Honda motorbike are cruiser motorbikes, sport motorbikes, and off-road motorbikes. Each type of motorbike has distinguishing features that influence the choice of the motorbike parts that consumers purchase for them. Consumers should therefore look for parts according to compatibility with the bikes. They should ideally be able to specify the models of their motorbikes in order to filter out parts that are not compatible.

Cruiser Motorbikes

Honda cruiser motorbikes generally feature raised handlebars and forward-placed footrests. Riders sit upright or with a slight backwards lean and lower to the ground. They often prefer cruiser motorbikes for their comfort. The design of these motorbikes is not conducive to performance riding. Cruiser motorbikes do not turns corners as dynamically as other types of motorbikes. However, their comfort makes them ideal for long rides. Those who use Honda cruiser motorbikes for touring often fit their motorbikes with bags for luggage.

Sport Motorbikes

Honda sport motorbikes are designed for performance. Their body designs and engines enable them to travel at high speeds. This type of motorbike is usually also capable of quick acceleration and braking and dynamic turning around curves. The handlebars are low, and foot pedals placed higher and slightly back on the frame. Riders therefore lean forward on sport motorbikes. They also sit high off the ground.

Parts for Honda sport motorbikes are designed with performance in mind. Brake discs and brake pads are capable of withstanding a great deal of stress. Tyres are relatively wide for improved handling, and the suspension is designed with maximum stability in mind. Honda designers also make the bodies of sport motorbikes lightweight to decrease the overall weight of the motorbikes.

Off-Road Motorbikes

Honda off-road motorbikes, also known as "dirt bikes", are designed for riding off paved roads. These are highly specialised motorbikes, with priorities on reduced weight and enhanced stability riding over uneven terrain. As a result, Honda off-road motorbikes have minimalist bodies and long, strong suspension systems. They also have high wheels that lift the motorbikes high off the ground. Tyres feature traction designed for rough terrain. Aspects such as speed and handling are not as important as stability.

Replacement vs. Modification

Consumers should have a clear objective in mind when purchasing parts for their Honda motorbikes. Parts should be intended to replace parts that are not functioning like they should in the motorbikes, or they should be intended to enhance the motorbikes. OE and OEM parts are ideal for replacement because consumers can expect the same performance from these parts. Those looking to make modifications to their Honda motorbikes are likely to buy aftermarket parts. These parts are often designed to provide benefits that a motorbike's original design does not provide to riders.

Key Areas of a Honda Motorbike

It is possible to buy replacement or modification parts for every area of a Honda motorbike. Some of the more important areas of these motorbikes include the engine and exhaust, the fuel and air systems, the brakes, the wheels, and the body and frame. Consumers can keep their Honda motorbikes running optimally and make the enhancements they want by being familiar with the different types of parts for the areas of their motorbikes.

Engine and Exhaust

The engine is the heart of a Honda motorbike. It is one of the more important components because it makes the motorbike move. A Honda motorbike generally lasts as long as its engine does. It is possible to buy an entire engine, though consumers should know how to properly evaluate a whole engine to make sure that it works as it should. Consumers can also buy engine parts,, such as cylinders, to replace parts that do not work.

The exhaust system is the component through which the engine expels fumes that the combustion process produces. Honda sport motorbikes often have powerful engines, and these require advanced exhaust systems to keep them free of the fumes they create. The type of exhaust parts that consumers purchase therefore depend on the type of Honda motorbikes they own.

Fuel and Air Systems

The fuel system is the component that delivers fuel from a motorbike fuel supply to its engine. Fuel systems may either be carburetted or injection. The former features a carburettor that takes in both air and fuel, with the amount of air determining the amount of fuel. The carburettor mixes them together, and delivers the mixture to the engine. The injection system features a series of jets that spray fuel into the engine's cylinders. The engine takes in the air itself and determines how much fuel the jets should spray for the ideal fuel-to-air combustion ratio.

An injection fuel system is generally more fuel-efficient that a caburetted system is, but the parts that consumers purchase should be based on the systems that their Honda motorbikes have. Those who are particularly handy with engines may be able to replace a carburetted fuel system with an injection type. No matter their level of skill, consumers can help keep their motorbikes performing well by regularly changing their air filters.


Properly functioning brakes are very important to safely operating Honda motorbikes. No matter which kind of motorbikes consumers own, they should regularly replace the brake pads before they wear down completely. Brake discs are also important to a Honda motorbike braking system. These parts are connected to the motorbike's wheels, and pressing the brake pads against them should create enough friction to stop the wheels from spinning. Callipers are the parts that push the brake pads against the brake discs when riders press their brakes. It is possible to both replace worn brake parts and enhance a braking system by upgrading the parts that comprise the system.


Wheels and rims are specially designed to suit Honda sport and off-road motorbikes. Cruiser motorbikes can be highly customisable, so consumers may find that they have more flexibility about the wheels that they choose for this type of motorbike. Wheels have other important parts as well, including tyres and rims. Tyres are important to determining how a motorbike performs and the types of terrain and weather conditions it can handle. Rims give a motorbike its style, so these may be of particular interest to owners of cruiser motorbikes.

Body and Frame

The shocks and suspension of a Honda motorbike are among the more important parts of the motorbike's body and frame.. These determine how well the motorbike can absorb impacts from uneven terrain and how stable the motorbike is when riding. There are many other parts that make up the body and frame of a motorbike. Consumers have many options when it comes to lights and indicators, mirrors, seats, handlebars, and footrests. Individuals looking to customise their Honda cruiser motorbikes can choose from a plethora of aftermarket parts to get the performance, look, and feel they desire from their bikes.

Buying Honda Motorbike Parts on eBay

eBay is a good source from which one can buy Honda motorbike parts. There is a large selection of different parts for sale on the website, and it is easy to search for the parts you need.

You can perform a search from any eBay page that features a search bar. Enter the name of the part you are looking for, such as "disc brake&", and click the Search button. When you receive the results, choose the Motorcycle Parts & Accessories category and then the Motorcycle Parts category. You can then choose the Brake Discs option. Filter for Honda parts by selecting the Honda category. Lastly, choose the model of your motorbike to make sure the disc brakes listed are compatible.

You can also look for local sellers on eBay by specifying the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located. The closer the seller is to you, the less shipping is likely to cost.


Honda motorbike owners who want their bikes to last a long time and consistently perform well should have good knowledge about Honda motorbike parts. It is possible to buy parts made by Honda, by manufacturers contracted by Honda, and by independent manufacturers who make parts for Honda motorbikes. Honda motorbike owners should also consider the type of motorbikes that they would like to buy parts for. Honda designs cruiser motorbikes, sport motorbikes, and off-road motorbikes for different types of riding. The features of the parts in one type of motorbike can therefore vary greatly from the features of the same parts in other types of motorbikes.

After making the proper considerations, motorbike owners should familiarise themselves with the parts found in their motorbikes. Important components such as the engine, fuel delivery system, brakes, and wheels involve very different parts. By educating themselves about these parts, consumers can buy parts from a source such as eBay in order to get the performance they seek from their Honda motorbikes.

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