Honda S2000

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Well, what can I say.....

This has got to be one of the all time best cars, and for so many reasons:

  1. Honda reliability means that although it´s a sports car it´ll work better for longer than anything else
  2. The development work at Honda was focused on producing an amazing car.  Not just a good car, not a car for a certain price, or with certain features, but simply to produce the best car, the one that performed the best, that looked the best, that was comfortable and easy to drive, and that was exhilarating.
  3. No other engine sounds and revs like the S2000, it revs to 9000rpm before reaching the red line.  Those of you who are Formula One fans will know that the Honda F1 car is the best sounding car on the circuit and I think that the S2000 sounds better than anything else on the road
  4. For a 2 seater convertible, it´s a really practical car; it´s not so small that you feel vulnerable in it, it´s not so big that you can´t park it, it has a boot that can fit a set of golf clubs or a few bags for a weekend away
  5. The convertible roof is fast, really fast (nearly as fast as the car!).  This means that you can enjoy more top down motoring as as soon as it´s a nice day you can take the roof down, safe in the knowledge that if it gets a little cold or even starts to rain you can raise it again quickly (well within the time spend at a set of red traffic lights).

I´m sure that there are a great many attributes that I could mention, but for me it´s the entire package, everything about this car makes me smile and want to go out for a drive....

Buy one

If you´re reading this trying to decide whether to buy an S2000, then you absolutely should.  If you´re reading this because you´re considering a range of cars, then stop considering anything else.  I´m certain that choosing an S2000 is definitely the right choice.

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