Honda cbr repsol gas leather jacket.

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Repsol Leathers

I have found that when you sell items that you have a passion for there is only so long you can go before you have to try it on for your self take for instance someone who works at cinema if they get free staff screenings then thay are bound to se every new movie that comes out so i sold a few repsol gal leathers and being a huge fan of the CBR i had to buy one for my self and quite frankly i'm impressed like all genuine leather it felt a bit heavy and awkward at first but after a couple of month i broke it in and now it fits perfectly.

The thing i love most about it is the fact that all the armour is removable and i can wear it on the stareet if i want and don't have to walk around looking like an emrican football player with huge shoulder pads they just slide straight out. only downside to this is now i gotta have the matching trousers so..... i guess i'll head off and order me some i'll be sure to write a review once i get them



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