Honda cg125

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Hi all

Iam writing this guide for Japanese - Chinese CG

Here is a site that talks about CG125 and sevicing etc

We will start with chines Cg125 run away as fast  as you can it does not matter how cheap they are, the build quality is totaly pants.. (before you mention wiring)..I say this from experance of having a couple of there engines in bits the quality is so different from one engine to the next,  quality control is rubish.. You have been warned..

Japanese CG125

We start with the Imported China made cg with Honda down the tank imported by Dave Silvers  spares with 4 speed box and rev counter which no Japanese cg had.. Pic below They will look like 1980s bikes but registered in 99-02..Which your main Honda dealer cannot get parts for.


 Japanese CG125.

I will cover models from 1995(which all had cdi no pionts easy to service) which where all made in Honda factories but in different countrys...

1995-97 model Cg125 BR-S/T made in Brazil

1997-00 model CG125 W made in Turkey

2001-03 model CG125 M1 made in Turkey has electric start and kick start..Best model...

2004-08 model CG125 ES4 made in Brazil has electric start and disc front brake..No longer has kick starter..

The most important thing to remeber is check oil/ change it at 1000/1500 miles with good quality oil and the engines will last and last..

As to which model is best that is allways going to be a persional chiose, Thats why i have only done models with CDI / 12 volt electrics as they are easy to service and give the least trouble as a rule..

Condition has the most effect on price, the cleaner it is the more money they go for.. REMEBER PICS make any bike look better so please look at it before you go mad on bidding on something that could look worse than your old pair off jeans..

ES4 (2004-08) disc model make sure the front caliper has been rebuilt and brake fliud should be changed every 2yrs and brake hose change by 4yrs old.. The original pads are rubish, EBC organics are the best replacement pad i have found..

Allways allow for a service / new chian and sprockets and brake shoes when you buy a Cg125 as they always get neglected....


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