Hong Kong Scammers

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 I just thought i would warn you about buying things from people who live in
Hong Kong.
  I have been scammed before by these people, and i do not want it to happen to anyone else.
 I bought a 2GB Mp4 player. It was 13 pounds. I thought wow that was cheap for one, but i thought that it was just people weren't bidding.  His feedback was 99.8% positive, so i thought why not.
 I payed straight away, and i got an email saying it would be with me within 14 working days.
  a month later, it still hadn't arrived. My daughter was getting upset at this time, as i had bought it for her birthday.
 At this time his feedback had gone down to 87% with lots of feedback saying item not received.
  I opened a dispute on Paypal immediately, and the next day, he deleted his account.
 I never got the money back, and it left my daughter upset, and i wasted 13 pounds.

What i am saying is, even though the feedback might be good, please, do not buy from hong kong. They sell cheap and scam.
 If you do buy, please do not pay until you find out whether the seller is a genuine seller.  He/she might seem genuine, but the internet is a great place for being someone you are not.
 If you do pay, and it doesn't come when it should, open up a paypal dispute as soon as possible, and try and get your money back.
 Tell the truth on the story, making it as accurate as possible.

Oh, and another thing people from these countries do, is sell e-books and information books on the item, like a nintendo ds, or an iPod, but they make it out to look like they are selling the actual item and only write in small print, you are not bidding for the actual console or whatever they are selling.
 People bid lots of money and find themselves getting a book.

Please take note of this, I don't want anyone to be scammed, as i know what it feels like.


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