Hoop Care

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How to care for your Happy Hoop

Firstly Always use your hoop in a grassy or soft area to avoid scratches to the tape do not use on concrete or rough areas as this will scratch the hoop decoration when dropped to the floor. If you are new to hooping this can happen alot when learning.

Try to stay away from harsh environments like water and sand if at all possible.

Do not let anyone pull on the hoop! It was not designed for tug-of-war which unfortunately is what tends to happen when two children want to play and sometimes adults lol.

Hot temperatures can lead to hoop deformation, so keep your hoop in a coller environment

(aka not in your car on a hot day or by a radiator)

Alway ensure there is enough rom around you for the hoop to rotate without hitting something

Happy Hooping


Hoop Care

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