Hope For Your Visor !

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How bad is it ?.If it's just irritating and cost a lot of money,it's a gamble but could be saved.If your thinking of chucking it.try and mend it.Nothing ventured Eh. A Shoei Visor that came with a Shoei helmet that i bought was very deeply and badly scatched,OUCHHHHH.Did know about it though, bought the helmet to use with Goggles anyway.Not to give up i thought i'd try and rescue the visor so i polshed out the deep scratches with very fine wet and dry paper,applying water, toothpaste and even a bit of Brasso until the deep scrathes had gone.Looks like frosted glass then.Next use a polishing buff in the drill with lots of car polish and keep buffing it up and eventually it started to shine again.Took about 20 minutes buffing and now shines like new Glass.Hate to chuck anythin away if i can mend it. Worked on mine but don't blame me if yours don't make it !


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