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How to apply Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski crystals can decorate mobile phones, laptops and key fobs of your car. These crystals can add beauty to any of your electronics. Create a design like a heart or change the look of your item by covering with Swarovski crystals of a different colour.

Add your name or initials to personalize your item. Swarovski Crystals can dress up any of your electronic accessories once you learn how to apply them.

Things you will need:


Swarovski crystals from Rubyscraft shop

  • Clear Tape
  • Popsicle Stick
  • E6000 Glue or Gemtac Glue 
  • Rag 


Step 1 - Arrange the crystals in the design you want on the item that is being decorated. The crystal side should be facing up and the flat silver side should be facing down.

Step 2 - Apply strips of tape to the design.Insure that all the crystals are covered with tape. Have a small section of tape hanging over the end of the design for easy removal

Step 3 - Run a popsicle stick over the tape to flatten the tape completely against the crystals.

Step 4 - Flip the design over into your hand or onto a work surface. The silver side should be up and the crystals stuck on the tape.

Step 5 - Apply E6000 or Gemtac glue on the silver side of the crystals. Place the crystals back onto the item being decorated.

Step 6 - Press down onto the crystals to adhere them to the item being decorated.

Step 7 - Allow the glue to dry, following the drying time stated on the E6000 bottle or Gemtac bottle.

Step 8 - Remove the tape slowly. Clean tape residue off the crystals with a damp cloth.




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