Hottest gift ideas for your lover this Valentine’s Day

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Whether you're working up the nerve to confess your feelings, or you have that special someone already, let them know you care with these suggestions.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift? The iPhone.

If that sounds a bit too much or if your spouse already has one, then you can go for the Element Case offering of pink iphone cases .

The Limited Edition Valentine’s Liquid Case

is tailor-made for the iPhone and is tough. Its hard shell is designed to protect the iPhone from external shocks and impacts while offering access to all the ports. The case also has flip lids to protect the iPhone.

The hottest gift items in the world remain Apple products! 

It seems iPod and iPhone are the ultimate any occasion gifts running the gamut from New Years Eve to Christmas Day and everything in between including Valentine’s Day – Everybody Loves iPod & iPhone

Diamond rings and Swarovski crystals might definitely scream “I care!” but sometimes you want to send the message in a more subtle – or more creative – way

Or spell it out magnet poetry or reasons alongwith an i love you iphone case

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  iPhone Cases are perfectly designed to provide comfortable and stylish all in one

. The case efficently protects your iPhone   while being very unique. Both cases provide cut outs for the camera in the back and all the features on the side of the device. This allows full usability with the iPhone  protected inside the case. This is the ultimate solution for an added elegance and slip protection without the bulkiness. A must have for haute couture minded individuals!

- Ergonomically designed with a smooth plastic coating
- Patterned exterior material provide a comfortable grip
- Comfy fit with an easy snap button to secure you device
- Excellent protection while providing a stylish look
- Made specifically for the iPhone 3G with quality material to last
Compatible with all sizes of the iPhone 3G (including 8GB and 16GB)

"open up and see rose petals that are meant to be thrown in the tub for the two of you to relax while you munch on godiva chocolates and much, much more."Valentines and Chocolate right? How about the sweetest idea yet? Send a stunning display of your devotion.

A romantic candlelit dinner

      The way into a man’s heart is through his stomach, or so the saying goes. And there are certain consumable substances that are thought to increase desire. Even if these don’t actually work, your honey might get the hint. Maybe you won’t want to consume river snails (which ranked the list of ancient aphrodisiacs), but avocados drizzled in balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with salt and pepper sound delectable, don't they? Anise, basil, arugula, figs and oysters are other foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. Finish it off with a dessert of dark chocolate and Cabernet.

Sweeten 'em up with

      Go sophisticated or go cute: a heart-shaped box of Belgian chocolates or a fresh-baked cookies are traditional ways of showing that you care. Dark chocolate, as stated above, is a known aphrodisiac (and difficult to resist!). Or say it with words: bake or buy heart-shaped sugar cookies and ice on in red frosting "Will you be my Valentine?"


      A bouquet of flowers is another traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but don’t just buy what’s cheap or looks pretty. Impress your Valentine with your brilliant knowledge on floriography: asters symbolize love and patience, peonies signal prosperity and are an omen for a happy marriage, and chrysanthemums are meant to inspire optimism and joy. Of course, your Valentine won’t need to know that ancient Romans and Greeks associated roses with the goddess of love to get the message that a red rose bouquet hopes to convey enduring passion!

Spell it out with a puzzle or game

      Maybe you're shy, or you're looking for a unique way to say it. Word games like Scrabble can aid you in confessing your feelings. Play a rigged game of Pictionary or Mad Gab to get the message across. Or spell it out magnet poetry or reasons I love you stones.

Cuddly stuffed animals

      How many times have you found yourself cooing over a video of baby ducklings or an animated GIF of puppies? Giving the gift of a real animal is not too practical, which is where stuffed animals come in. A plush pig is great gift for the kid at heart, and if it's holding a heart, you'll definitely get your message across!

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