How Do I Tape Breasts for Pageant Dresses?

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The daring decolletage of a sparkling and barely-there dress is part of the dramatic effect pageant contestants seek when selecting a look for the evening gown competition.

It is the subtle allusion to what is underneath that makes this particular shape successful. So if the "assets" actually make an appearance while wearing this particular garment, not only will it be mortifying, it will counteract the entire fashion concept that the contestant intended. Follow the lead of the smart and savvy beauty queens and tape those breasts into place before hitting the catwalk to strut your stuff.

1. Cover your nipples with nude-colored paper tape, or paper tape that matches your complexion. Paper tape is designed for medical use and can be removed with very little pain from this sensitive area. This will both prevent your nipples from being seen under or through your dress and protect them from chafing.

2. Create cleavage by wrapping the elastic ("Ace") bandage tightly under the breasts. This creates lift and support, allowing you to go bra-less under your slinky undergarment. If your dress is extremely low-cut in the front and you cannot comfortably wear an elastic bandage without it being visible, you may omit this step.

3. Line the bust area of your dress with double-sided fashion tape. Place one sticky side down onto the fabric. Pull the dress on and remove the tape just prior to putting the bust area on. Press the tape into place against your skin, securing the fabric around your breasts.

4. Test your tape job. Walk around, bend and move as you expect to while wearing the gown on stage or in public. Add more tape if your breasts feel at all like they will break free. If we've learned anything from Janet Jackson's 2004 "boob oops" live from the Super Bowl, it is better to be safe than sorry--a little extra tape could prevent a lifetime of embarrassment over one moment.

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