How To Avoid Ebay Scammers

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Although the vast majority of sellers on Ebay are entirely honest, reputable and trustworthy, from time to time you will encounter a seller who values their feedback more than adhering to a standard of decency and fairness.
It is always worth noting in the first instance that getting upset and name calling, however natural of tempting those reactions might be, are never productive and should always be avoided. One must instead communicate calmly and reasonably with the seller, regardless of how they respond. Secondly, one should always send a copy of any communications to one's own message centre, and of course, employ the advice of Ebay themselves in attempting to resolve any issues.  
Proper conduct will usually result in a fair outcome with the person in the right being awarded accordingly. Sadly, however, sellers will sometimes pepper any negative feedback they receive as a result of their underhandedness with responses which are  utter lies, in order to save face and therefore carry on their deviousness unhindered. An example of this can be clearly illustrated in a transaction I made which went awry: after purchasing a used 7 inch single  from Seller ID: 09ap1234  I discovered that the item was defective; this was despite the fact that the seller claimed to have checked the item for defects and hadn't found any. After leaving negative feedback in response to this violation of the Trade Descriptions Act, I was bombarded with threats  and a stream of further lies where he, a Mr Andrew Popple from Ewe in Petersborough, had the brass neck to claim that I hadn't actually listened to his shoddy wares and was making the entire thing up. Mr Popple's response to my attempting to warn future buyers of his deceit was to comment on my feedback thus: "A side played fine checked it myself.Scratch did not affect play.BANNED BIDDER" 
 I would strongly suggest that if something of this nature happens to you you take the time to provide evidence for Ebay so that they know beyond any doubt that you are telling the truth and the seller you're dealing with is a scoundrel; in my case I simply uploaded a short video of the record attempting to play on my turntable; one where it was patently evident that the vinyl was damaged to such an extent that the item was rendered useless. For the purpose of example and for those who may be interested, my video evidence can be found at the following url: https: viddotmeforwardslashNoo4. 
So, to conclude, if you're unlucky enough to encounter a dodgy seller like  09ap1234 on Ebay - remain calm, collected, and polite; contact Ebay for advise; initiate a claim, if necessary; spread the word as best you can to ensure that others are not duped by the same seller in the same way. It's entirely possibly that the problem was a one off, but if the seller is pugnacious and favours lies over good manners and civility, I feel the only response if to name and shame them. Happy bidding. 

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