How To Buy A Fishing Reel Case

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How To Buy A Fishing Reel Case

Fishing is, worldwide, the single most popular participation sport in the world. Many people fish for leisure, some for competition, and others for food. Fishing is a relaxing pastime that allows one to take time out from the daily stresses of life, either at lakeside or riverbank, or on a boat. Fishing needs the right equipment if the angler is to enjoy it to the full, and it is surprising how affordable the equipment can be. At eBay there are always many items for offer in the fishing section, and all at sensible prices, and with a wide range of top brand names for sale there is the guarantee of quality. The best quality equipment need not come at a high price, however, and there are many rods, reels and accessories at affordable prices. Whether your choice is for coarse fishing or fly fishing, the reel is an important part of the kit, and most anglers carry more than one for different purposes. This is why reel cases are a popular part of the fisherman’s kit.

The reel is a hard working item and it is used to spool out the line and to wind it back in when you get a bite. There are many different types of fishing reels, and each has its own specific purpose. As a mechanical item that has many moving parts, some of which are delicate, it can be important to protect the reel when not in use. This is when the reel case comes into its own. When it comes to choosing a reel and case there are certain things to consider, especially the type of reel, as most cases are designed with specific types in mind, thanks to the various shapes and sizes.

The Different Types Of Fishing Reel

When considering a fishing reel case it is important to understand the differences between the main types of reel. This applies particularly to the size of the reel. The following are the main types of fishing reels:

Fixed Spool Reels: these are the most popular type of fishing reels, and feature a spool that is set in a fixed position. They are also the smallest type of fishing reel, and cases for them come in a number of different options. Some fixed spool reel cases offer compartments for three or four reels, and are made from durable neoprene, a material that is hard wearing and light in weight. It is possible to buy single reel cases, and they are not expensive.

Free Spool Reels: another popular type, these differ from fixed spool reels in only one major way – they have an added drag system that can be amended by the angler if needed, and in that they are bigger in size. As with the above, cases for free spool reels come in a wide variety of options from single cases to multiple, and are offered mainly in neoprene.

Big Pit Reels: These are fixed spool reels that are designed for tackling bigger fish and longer casts; they are very large in size, robust and heavy, and are fitted with very large spools that can hold a lot of line. These specialist items are heavier than their counterparts and are usually carried in a single case, often a hard case to protect the valuable cargo within.

Centrepin Reels: this very old style of reel is the classic circular design with the spinning interior. They are intricate devices that need protection when in transit. There are many different types of cases available for these classic reels, with the leather version – hard and tough, and traditional – being a popular and stylish option.

Closed Face Reels: not a common type of reel, these are housed in neoprene cases in general and, given their size, usually in singles.

Multiplier Reels: small and light, multiplier reel cases can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, and the soft versions are among the most popular. Neoprene is again the material of choice as it offers all the properties needed.

What has become apparent in recent years is that anglers do not always want to take their reel off the rod when transporting their kit. It can be more convenient to leave it in place, yet it still requires protection. For this purpose manufacturers have devised a series of cases that are especially designed to fit over the reel while it remains on the rod, rather like a sock; these provide excellent protection from the elements, and are very popular indeed. Look for them especially for multiplier reels, and in neoprene for excellent protection and durability.

Neoprene Reel Cases

In days gone by fishing reels would generally be carried in a hardened leather case made by the maker. This would provide excellent protection over a long period of time, and the case would be fashioned to fit the reel. Anglers who use vintage reels and equipment still use leather cases, and they are available for the likes of centrepin reels made to measure. However, there are more modern materials that are suitable for cases, and neoprene has emerged as the leading contender for fishing reel cases.

Neoprene is a synthetic type of rubber that is widely used in the sports clothing industry. It is also used in wet-suits, in cases for computers and technical equipment, and in many walks of life where protection is needed. It is a versatile material that has been found to have excellent properties when used in many applications, and has come to the fore in fishing reel cases, especially those that are intended for leaving on the rod when not in use. Neoprene is very much a recommended material when it comes to fishing reels, and is both protective and light. There are always many neoprene fishing reel cases available at eBay, both new and used, and at excellent prices.

When buying a fishing reel case many people look to hard cases; these come in various shapes and sizes, and are designed to house more expensive and precious reels. They usually come with a cushioned interior and are extremely protective. The only downside is that they are large and cumbersome; an angler is already carrying a good deal of kit, and does not want to be lumbered with more. However, they are popular with some and, for long journeys, provide excellent protection for a treasured reel.

Choosing a fishing reel case is about getting the right protection for the item concerned. The simplicity of the neoprene on the reel cases is admirable, and they are affordable and versatile, yet for carrying multiple reels off the rod there are many cases that can fit a selection of reels and are highly recommended.

How To Buy Fishing Reel Cases On eBay

A quick look on eBay will show many different types and styles of fishing reel cases, across a wide range of budgets. Reel cases come in a wide variety of types and with different levels of protection offered, and it is important to know what to look for. EBay is home to many different items of fishing gear, and there is an extensive range of fishing gear, videos and fishing accessories of all types, and with many vendors offering free delivery and affordable prices, many a bargain to be had.  Using eBay is extremely easy; simply decide upon the type of fishing reel case needed and go to and choose the Fishing section under the Sporting Goods header. Next select Reels category, and have a look at what is on offer. By typing ‘reel cases’ into the search box the returns become more specific. The choice of fishing equipment is comprehensive, and the search can be minimised by entering a brand name or model number into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop down menu to the left. If any further advice is needed on buying freshwater fishing reels on eBay, visit the Search Tips page, and look in the eBay Stores section for more choice on fishing reels at eBay.


Fishing is a pastime that is seriously addictive; many people who try it once are hooked, and are then on the lookout for their own equipment to carry on with their new-found hobby. Although the majority of the equipment is not expensive it is worth protecting, and reels are the most intricate part of the kit. Fishing reel cases come in many shapes and sizes, and across a wide range of prices, and different types offer different levels of protection. Whether the angler is a beginner or a professional there is plenty of choice at eBay, both in reel cases and in reels, rods and other accessories. The simplicity of shopping online, coupled with the great prices and choice, is what makes eBay the perfect place to shop for ideal cases for fishing reels of all sizes.

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