How To Buy An Xbox 360 On Ebay

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Simple answer really.....don't.

Can you remember those scammers who claimed to have an xbox360 but just ran off with peoples money. Dont risk getting scammed or even wasting your precious money on an xbox360. Just follow this guide and find out how you can get an xbox360 for absolutely nothing. Thats right NOTHING!

There is no risk in this method so you cant lose any money.

Its simple really, basically there are websites who are paid lots of money from advertisers to bring them customers. Some of these advertisers are the likes of free dvd trials, betting websites, gambling/bingo websites, website hosting services, broadband packages like AOL, breakdown services and matchmaker websites.

The amount of money the websites get from these advertisers enables them to use some of it to persuade people to signup to the advertisers, in the form of free gifts like xbox360's.

So, the website gives out free xbox360's to people who complete one of the advertisers offers and then aslo get some of there friends to do it aswell.

So, by now most of you will be thinking how do i know its not a scam. Well, to be honest thats what i thought too, but then i read up about it and investigated. Turns out these websites are very well known and have excellent reputations. They have sent out thousands of free gifts to people.

I signed up to one of these sites and did a free dvd trial offer. So it cost me nothing.

Here is a link to one of the best free gift sites. Just copy it into your browser.

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