How To Buy Music Albums!

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I would just like to say with other people, from my experience just don't buy an album that looks good( for the sake of it). I would listen to some of their songs whether it be on Youtube or the television or somewhere else. This saves buying it first. If you listen to some of the tracks, get a feeling, then you know whats in store for you when you buy the product. To get a first impression, you have to listen to the music of that band for you to then like them. Don't feel because you like the band, you have to buy all their albums etc. Because you never know what the outcome will be. The album may cost over say £10 if its new, and you might not like it compared to others.
I done this!. I love U2 and bought "Pop". The band have made some good songs, but this is more modernized. The music sounds slightly different compared to the other  earlier albums which give a rock feeling to it. This put me off it. Yeah, its not rubbish, but still I had no idea what the tracks were even like.
Many thanks to all who have viewed this guide...I hope it comes in use to those people.
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