How To Do Your Christmas/Birthday Shopping on eBay

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Most people think of eBay as a place full of second hand junk. This, however is not always the case. More and more listings are for new items, and in this guide I will help you filter out the used things, show you some other handy tips and get yourself some cheap new presents!

When searching, you will notice a small box on the left of your results, allowing you to apply certain filters. Here, if you want you can choose to view "Only items in New Condition" - which will work on any results at all.

You may also wish to try out the eBay Shops, where you can browse through a virtual mall type atmosphere before choosing the shop for you. This is an effective way to get a deal, as eBay shop items don't show up in a regular search.

Remember, only once you've mastered eBay will you be able to use it to it's full potential, and all that potential is almost impossible to describe in this basic guide. There is no better teacher than yourself, trial and error will get you far.

Good look shopping!

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