How To Find The Best Car Holder For Your iPhone 6 / Galaxy S6

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Galaxy S6 Edge Car Holder

Searching or choosing for a car mount for your phone should not be a complicated process at all, however when you go out into the market to look for one you may come across only a few which fulfill your needs. Yes – even though it is only a car mount you will still have certain expectation and needs that you will need fulfilled! Mostly people want a convenient mount which is of a reasonable size and fits their phone even if they decide to change it, meaning it should be all in one; users also like to travel with their mounts and want it to double as a support.

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iPhone 6 Car Holder

Basically it is pretty simple mounting a smartphone in a car and it shouldn't really be complicated. The right mount needs to be sturdy, adjustable and secure. Choosing a right mount means a lot, it means you can travel and drive your car more securely and your hand to phone contact is usually short and quick – to top it all of most mounts today come with additional functions as well. But it is recommended to focus on what it is meant for. 

Montar Car Mount

Keeping in view all the variety out there given below are recommendations to consider while choosing the perfect car mount.

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How To Choose The Right Car Mount ?

  1. It mounts you’re current phone perfectly and usually has rub supports which prevent scratching on your phone. The important thing to consider however is if it supports your phone as well, usually you want one which supports a screen size of up to 6 inches.
  2. It is durable and reliant, which basically means you don’t want to jam in your phone and find out that the mount just broke in half. To avoid these kind of instances its usually a good idea not to buy ones which you have to put together but for more flexible mounts.
  3. It needs to be easy to clip on to your windscreen or other parts of your car along with your phone similarly to remove it shouldn’t be much a hassle as well. This will mostly depend on the size and strength of your suction cup, usually if you go a small size the weight of your phone will probably slide it down.
  4. It rotates to either vertical or horizontal view, this comes in handy while you’re phone doubles as a GPS navigation tool as well. This nifty 360 degree function also enables you to use only on hand while driving.
  5. As you will probably use it while driving , it must work with one hand only 

ALL-IN-ONE : Montar - World's Best Universal Car Holder
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