How To Get The Best From Mobility Scooter Batteries

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Look After Your Batteries


No vehicle performs to it's full potential without an efficient fuel system. Electrically powered mobility scooters and wheelchairs are no exception. Here is your guide to getting the best from performance and the longest life from your new or replacement mobility scooter and wheelchair batteries.

  1. Charge your new batteries fully before using them. A full overnight charge is required.

  2. A new battery will not give you full power until it has been used and charged 10 to 15 times. Only then will your batteries give you maximum power.

  3. Normally batteries have a 12 month warranty providing they have been used and charged correctly. Read below on how to acheive this.


  • Never run your batteries completely flat; take care not to leave your lights or other auxillary equipment on. Make sure you switch of at the key or power button.

  • Daily Users:  Charge after use.

  • Occasional Users: Before going out, charge over night, use it and then put back on charge until charger shows ready.

  • Storing: When storing or not using it for more than a month, such as during the winter time, you must fully charge your batteries, then disconnect them from the scooter or wheelchair. Once a month re-connect your batteries and give them a full charge. Batteries that are not used will fail and not be covered under warranty.

  • Never switch off the charger before the full charge complete indicator comes on.

  • Always unplug the charge from the scooter and the mains after charging. A charger left plugged in to the scooter or wheelchair can discharge the batteries.

We hope you find this guide usefull and that you will get the best life and distance from your mobility batteries. Remember always consult your scooter or wheelchair manual.

  • Finally ONLY USE DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES car batteries are no good.



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