How To List A Classified Ad On Ebay

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Ebay classified ads are not that well known, yet they offer great potential for making money

The massive, 'ready-to-buy' traffic that eBay gets every day can be used by you to promote your business or products away from eBay and make money.

You can add telephone numbers, your mailing address or email address to your ad, things you can't do with regular auction listings.

Another benefit is the low price and there is no final value fee to pay. This is all well and good but actually finding out how to list a classified ad isn't that easy, here is a step-by-step guide for you to use.

There are a couple of differences between auction listings and classified ads. Feedback is not given or received with classifieds (that's why mine isn't high). Not all categories are included in classifieds.

First of all go to home page (at the moment, only the U.S. ebay carries classified ads. You don't need to live in the U.S.).

On ebay's home page look at the top right of the page to the right of the 'search' button and you will see an 'advanced search' link, click on it.

On the new page, click the 'search' button. On the page you arrive at go to the bottom right and you will see this link: See items count, click it.

On the next page you will see a row of drop down boxes. Go to the 'Format' box and drop it down then select 'classified ads' and click the 'show' button.

You will now have arrived at a page showing a whole lot of categories with zero listings. These categories are not currently eligible for classified ads. Scroll down the page to find categories that are eligible.

You will see how little classified ads are used at the moment - mainly because people don't know they exist or don't understand them and the massive potential that they offer for profits.

Ebay don't offer much in the way of user information so it's not surprising that classified adsare so under used. Check whether or not your product/service fits the categories available. If not, it's worth finding products/services that do.

How To Set Up Your Classified Ad

Go back to home page and click on 'sell'.\line List your item in the usual way; browse for categories (eligible ones). You might need to click on \line 'Everything else' to find suitable categories.\line Click the Save and continue button then, if you are not already signed in, you will need to do so \line now.

Continue to list your product/service in the usual way. After Visitor counter you will come to\line How you're selling your item, there you will see Selling format tabs and if you have selected an eligible category you will see the magic Classified ad tab, click on this to proceed.

And that's it! Carry on in the usual way.

I hope this free report has been of some use to you and good luck with your ebay venture.


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