How To Protect Your Wooden Garden Furniture

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Spring has come and Summer is following,many of us will start coming out on our gardens patio balconys or backyards and enjoy our wooden outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture can be an appearance-enhancing and practical addition, but there are lots of people who dont buy wooden furniture cause sometimes of the price and the cost of maintenance,sometimes not necessary money but hours of work on protecting em from dirt and dust.But because a lot of people think that its worth time and cost cause wooden furniture adds classy and looks more beautiful on their garden we like to help u learn how to protect outdoor furniture and to  keep your furniture clean and looking new for years.

  1. Always remember to clean the furniture before starting the procedure of protection or else lots of times all the time and effort u spend  may be wasted.If there are any cushions or cloth parts that can be removed please do so befor u start cleaning.Wicker furniture can be sprayed with a hose. Wood and metal furniture should be scrubbed and wiped down with a sponge. Use cleaning solution that is designed specifically for your furniture's material.
  2. Now that the wooden parts are clean its time to start the protection procedure of all the wooden frames of the furniture. The main reason of the damage on our furniture comes from the UV radiation from the dangerous suns rays and  the water from rainy days or even humidity.So our main main enemy is the nature elements  sun and rain water if we protect good enough then our furniture will have a longer and better condition life. Now we have the metal or plastic furniture for that its a good idea to buy a box container of outdoor furniture protector, which u just apply it  directly to the furniture's frame using a paint brush side depends on the surface of your furniture.By doing this almost all Uv radiation or sun heat is eliminated.Please be extra caution and do all that in a very well air control area and always use rubber gloves and mask for your own protection.
    Secondly comes the wood furniture here we must choose  paint as in our opinion is the best way to protect them from the sun and rain as  the pigments in paint offer a better solution of protection against em. U can find in market paints that combine  both heat and water protection which is the best.The negative of paint on our furniture is that u must apply aqain with paint once or twice over a year for better results as the paint sometimes  tends to peel.
  3. Besides the frames of our outdoor furniture we must not forget the upholstery too.First thing we must do is to clean them thoroughly with simply soap and warm water.After washing, make sure that they are completely dry.If they are not dry or dirt is still on em u may not have the better results of protection and worse scenario is for mildew to appear.So when its all done then take a fabric protector and spray every inch of them.Please read the instructions of the spray that u buy  so that is the correct one and  dont spoil the colour or even damage the upholstery.
  4. Another problem that we occur and needs protection is the stains and water on our outdoor furniture.These factors are  bad for aesthetic reasons  and  wooden furniture may  need it more protection.All we need is a water repellent  to help us protect our furniture from water soaks in but also to do a greater work on makin the evaporation of moisture inside the wood faster and eventually almost minimize the chance  that your furniture will warp, weaken, or rot. U can reapply every 2-3 years so its an ease work to do.The only thing is to avoid repelents with high oil %  as this may cause appearence problem on your furniture.
  5. One last job left to do is plain simple and must  be done correctly.Storing.We must  choose a  suitable place without exposure to sun rays ,heat or water  maybe a garage or a shed will do the job.Just make sure that is store correctly. If there is no way to store indoor then u must purchase a good  water cover,u may not protect 100% of heat and sun rays but at least u will prevent  aqainst  weather in a satisfy degree.
  6. Hope we helped u a little.Enjoy your outdoor moments!!
  • Make sure the upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. Dirty upholstery will reduce the effectiveness of protection.
  • After washing, make sure that the upholstery dries completely. Wet or damp upholstery may interfere and reduce the effectiveness of protection. Furthermore, if the upholstery does not dry completely, there is a good chance that it will develop mildew.
  • When the upholstery is both clean and dry, take every piece and spray them with fabric protector. Be sure to check the can or bottle to make sure that the fabric protector will not damage or discolor your furniture.
  • Reapply the fabric protector at the start of every season to minimize upholstery damage.
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