How To Setup Your Resell Rights Products (Part 1 of 4)

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What you'll learn in this 4-part written guide...

• How to download and prepare your resell rights products
• Familiarizing yourself with the mini-site file structure
• How to edit the sales page, which file to modify and with what programs
• How to edit the download page and which file to modify
• How to add extra security to your download page to prevent digital theft
• How to add a payment button to your sales page
• How to create a PayPal payment order link
• How to save your files in DreamWeaver
• How to upload your files via FTP
• How to test your product is working
• Rinsing and repeating for life-time income!


As shocking as it sounds most people who buy products with resell rights have absolutely no idea how to use them. They like the idea of reselling something for a profit but when that zip file is extracted and they see a bunch of html files and folders, their face blanks over. Are you one of them?... If so you're going to find this guide very useful - so please bookmark it for future reference.

Let's Get Started!

Firstly download your zip file or copy from the CD to your desktop.
I recommend that you register a domain name in advance and set it up on your server.

Right-click on the desktop and select new.

Now select Folder.

Rename your folder preferable the domain name where you plan to install your product.
I do this to keep all my files organized. If you leave files and folder everywhere on your computer and don't get into the habit of naming them properly, you'll have a hard time finding them later!

Now you can copy your zip file into this folder.
Right-click on the file and select 'Extract files...'

You should see the following files and folders when viewed in list or detail view.

You can now delete the original zip file.

Let's quickly go over what each file and folder is for.

• /banners - this contains animated graphic banners to help promote your product
• /css - this contains your stylesheet which controls the layout and formatting of your site
• /files - this contains the product that you'll be selling to your customers. This file may also be called '/videos' if you're selling a video product
• /images - this contains all the images to make your site look pretty
• /affiliates.php - this is your affiliate page. If anyone is interested in promoting your product, you'd send them to this page. (we will cover the affiliate page in another guide)
• /download.html - this is your thank you page or download page. After buying your product, your customer should be redirected to this page
• /index.html - this is the sales letter that convinces your visitors to buy your product
• /LicenseAgreement.pdf - this is your reseller's license which tells you in detail what you can and can't do when selling the product

To add a little security to your download page add some random characters to the end.
This is so someone cannot simply type in your domain name add 'download.html' and easily come to your download page.

Let's work on the sales page. Right-click the index.html file > Open with > Adobe DreamWeaver
If you do not have DreamWeaver you can use CoffeeCup or NVU HTML editors, both of which are free.

Your sales page will now load in the HTML editor.
The first thing you should change is the payment button.

Scroll down to the button, click on it once, and locate the Link box.

We're now going to create a PayPal payment link so you can add it in here.
Please continue to the next section of this guide...

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