How To Spot Fake SONY MDR-V700DJ Headphones

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How To Spot Fake SONY MDR-V700DJ Headphones

Buying these headphones on eBay is a bit of a minefield; long story short, I now have one pair of REAL V700s and one pair of FAKE V700s. This is by NO MEANS a definitive guide, but here are the OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES between the two pairs that I have:

The genuine V700s feel bulletproof and have a very wide dynamic range and excellent stereo imaging properties. Guess what? The fakes don't. They look almost identical, but are not built to the same standards and sound inferior.

The genuine V700 retail box is approx 215 X 115 X 155mm, approx 25mm BIGGER all round than the fake box, and has a stick-on bar code label, not a printed one.

The genuine V700 box is marked 'Made in Phillipines', the fake box 'Made in China'. (SONY has a manufacturing base in the Phillipines).

The genuine V700s are marked 'Phillipines' and 'CE' (European specification) left and right inside the headband, above the ear cups. The fakes are blank.

The genuine V700s came with a cream/white-coloured vinyl carrying pouch. The fakes came with a black pouch.

The genuine V700s have thick padding covering the drivers and are very comfortable. The fakes do not, and hurt your ears.

The genuine V700s have a grey(ish) matt finish to the jack lead and it easily stretches to 3m or more. The fake lead is black and shiny, is much shorter and does not stretch so readily.

The genuine V700s were supplied with a gold 'screw-on' type 3.5-6.3mm adaptor. The fakes came with a 'push-on' type.

The genuine V700s have, on the 3.5mm jack plug, blue/greenish insulation material between the contacts. The fakes are black.

Once again, PLEASE NOTE that this is NOT a totally definitive guide -- the above listed differences are between the two specific pairs of headphones that I actually own; those selling fake V700s are always looking for new ways to peddle their rubbish, and are well aware of what they are doing. What this means is, for example, you may well buy a pair which come with a screw-on adaptor and a white vinyl pouch -- but are still fakes. The bottom line is, if they're not comfortable and they don't sound astonishing, then they're not genuine V700s. Of course, I realise that by the time you discover this, it may well be too late!

Do you want creaky, rubbish-sounding uncomfortable fakes which will disappoint you for ever? You will in the end have to buy genuine V700s anyway. Don't waste your time and money chasing a 'bargain' like I did! If you're serious about sound, my advice is to buy brand new from a reputable retailer. You will get a guarantee, peace of mind and a brilliant set of cans for not a very great deal more than your fakes will have cost you... well worth the extra in my humble opinion!

PS: Do NOT buy Z700s. They just DON'T sound as good as V700s!


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