How To Spot fake bag!

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Welocme and i hope these view pointers help you avoid all the nasty fakes out there!

Well I have been done with my fair share of fake bags off ebay! And not all of them i got my money back here i am trying my best to help all you other girlies (and guys) out there that want the SEAOSN'S it bag but cant really quiet afford to spent thousand on keepeing up wih the trends. So we turn o eBay to find that second hand Gucci, Prada, LV, Fendi, Miu Miu etc bag for a bargain!

I now have a collection of AUTHENTIC bags that i have scrapped, sold and saved for so i would like to offer you my knowledge and little trade secrets on what to look for!

1. If buying a Gucci bag please be aware! There will NEVER be a controllato card! This is usually a card that looks like a black cradit card thats says "Controllato" on ot then underneath is written 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9! Bags that have these with it will be a fake! Originals Never have these with them.

2. This applies to all bags. On fakes where the handle is joined together it will look as if it has been melted to seal the handle! This is what they do on fakes to save money. They stitch the fabric or faux leather on the surface then glue the handle together and melt it shut!This save them time and money but with the stitching LOOKS real.

3. If its a bag that they say thay have used! Find out the history, ask the seller where it comes from, or for receipts, how long ago they bought it and even why they are selling it. Because let me tell you i would never sell any of my Auth bags. It would have to be a worst case sinario of either loosing my right arm or selling my bag! Dont fall for sellers who say "oh i dont know where it comes from as it was a gift, or i'm selling it because i dont use it no more. Even if i had a bag i ddint like if it was a big name i would keep it anyway...Shallow i know! One ebayer i bought a authentic bag off told me straight that she was having fanacial probs and needed to raise some cash ASAP.

4. Check out the bags website. For instance if your buying a Gucci bag go the the official website to see if you can find the same bag and compare prices and pictures. (This is how i found out one of my bags were fake)

5. This is an obvious one.  If a bag retails for nearly £900.00 there is no way someone that has a authentic bag is going to let it go for £150.00 or £200.00.

6. Next If you do win a bag that you think is real but when you get it are not sure! Ring one of the main dealers like one of the actual Gucci or Fendi stores (Usually based in London) and explain whats happended and they will tell you to send them bag to there aftersales team and they will be able to tell you whether it is or not. Include your address and tel number and after they have inspected it they will just send it back to you and then you can take it from there. I also did this with a Gucci Trophy bag i won and it turned out to be yet agin another fake!

7. On the seams of fake bags (Where the lining meets or the handles are stitched on) if you pull it on the seams fakes are always glued and you will be able to see clearly the glue. Authentic bags the stitching runs straight the way through!

8. Never buy from sellers who have got 3 or 4 of the same bag! No one would ever have 4 Authentic bags the same! What would be the point of that. Also look at there feedback and underneath it will tell you what they have been selling. If they have sold 50 Gucci bags even if they are all different ask yourself "Why would they have 50 gucci bags?"

9.Most Authenticated sellers that are auctioning off there beloved bags will 9 times out of 10 have the receipts. This is becasue you get more for a bag if you have the receipt than if you dont. Its also a way of prooving its real and enables trust. I have all my original receipts.

10.If a bag you buy comes with a dust bag. Look at the name printed on the front. Usually fakes have had the name Spary painted onto the front of the dust bag. Originals are either lasered on or embosed and the dust bags are almost always 100% silk. Except with Chloe bags these are a mixture of cotton and A fleece like fibre.

11. This is  a great tip! If you buy a bag and it states REAL LEATHER, if you hold a lighter to the leather, real leather will NOT melt but fake will! And let me tell you no authntic bag that should be leather will be made out of fake leather. These big branded names will use the softest calf leather, the highest fibre quality stitch and the most sumptous material to line them with!

Well i have spum my wisdom and hopefully this will help you a great deal. The best way to know if you have bough a fake is to send it to one of the main dealers. they are so helpful and will tell you. If you get done, dont hesiate to contact Trading Standards, as they are on your side and will tell you what to do, what to write in a letter to the seller and even contact them for you! Please contact me if you have any questions and ill be happy to help!


Sam x


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