How To Whistle Loudly Taxi / Cab Hailing Whistle

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Taxi / Cab Whistles - Hands

Ive asked so many people to teach me to whistle and have had the same responce from them all ''I can't. You have to teach yourself.' So I blew and I blew and blew my brains out until, finally, I made a sound.

So this is how i do it...

I use thumb and middle finger, in my mouth, inserted just past my teeth and under the tip of my tongue. The tongue tip itself loosely lies on the fingers, and doesn't touch the roof of the mouth.
The rest of that hand hangs down at my chin. I suspect that the cup that results from the curved hand against the chin/lower lip becomes a sounding chamber, with half the airstream going into this chamber and half going over it.
The whistle comes when I vary whether the thumb and middle finger are touching or slightly spread out
Try it if it doesnt work just keep trying you should get it sooner or later :)

Other whistles - Mouth-Only

TONGUE UP: I place my tongue on the roof of my mouth like I'm doing the English letter "d", lower just the tip so air can slip between it and the roof, purse my lips a little (like giving a kiss), and blow. The note changes by pursing the lips tighter/looser and by moving the back of the tongue in some way I can't yet describe.

TONGUE DOWN: Tongue in front of bottom teeth and behind bottom lip, arching the middle of the tongue up into the mouth cavity. Purse the lips. Note changes by pursing lips tighter/looser, by changing the arch of the tongue, and subtle movements of other muscles in the mouth that I can't yet describe. This seems the most common form of mouth-only whistling, but is harder for me than tongue up.

Hope this helps!

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