How do you get your money back ?

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It seems that these days, Ebay can't decide whether to help you or send you off to Paypal to attempt to get your money back when something goes wrong with a purchase. Since I joined many years ago, the Item Not Recieved process has changed at least a dozen times. It seems that Ebay have decided to take it back under their wing, and now you open a case with them when your item doesn't come to your door as expected.

But beware, the process seems to have no end, as you get re-routed through the same pages of having to ask the seller the same questions again and again, and noone from either Ebay or Paypal will even look at these logs. If you do open a case in Ebay, Paypal will not entertain  case opened with them, as Ebay are supposed to be helping you get either your item delivered or your money back.

But wait a minute, what about Paypal's guarantee of cover up to £500 ? It seems that Paypal no longer cares for that, and will shut your case anyway, leaving you to the mercy of the infinate loop that is the Ebay Resolution Process. I have waited since the middle of November for a DVD from the ebay seller The Hut, whoi has neither sent me a rpoduct nor refund, and Paypal seem to think the Ebay is going to be my saviour.

I no longer have any faith in Paypal, they closed my case without contacting me, then when I complained about them, they said it was me who closed the case. They are not even interested in the proof I have of my actions, who am I but one lowly buyer.

So beware, it seems that the seller has all the rights at the moment, so hope you are dealing with one who won't take your money and run this Christmas.

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