How does a book seller compete today?

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How it was in the old days:

Kennys have been in operation since 1940. Back then the book selling business was simple, own a bookstore in town and your only competition was the other book seller down the street.

How things have changed since in the book world!

How it is today:

With the explosion of the internet and all the new book selling portals the book seller is in a market that has no simple solution to sales! These days, it is not as simple as having a really good rare book, there are other factors involved.

Price & Postage are the two big players in the book world now.

For all the book sellers out there you are in for a shock! The basis of bookselling on portals lies in the fact of you being on the FIRST page when somebody searches for your book.

-How do you do this might you ask??!! YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHEAPEST!

But wait a second, if everyone is fighting for this spot we are on a one way street with a dead end where no one can make a gain.

Prices in the book world have fallen dramatically in the last 5 - 10 years. Book sales worldwide are increasing every year but prices are dropping.

This begs the question - are there any wealthy booksellers?

My answer is yes and no. And a further question how do you increase sales?

EASY! Be the cheapest seller! But then you may not make money!


In general the entire book selling business is a mess. The demand is there but the market is so flooded with stock it's very hard to generate any competitive edge.So what to do?? We have been in the business for over 65 years, and now what it's coming down too is knowledge. Kennys have developed an enormous amount of experience throughout the years on the quality of stock and especially how the market has changed and evolved over time. We have learned from our mistakes in the past and adapted our stock to these changes. There is nothing to be made out of the best sellers now - all the big retailers are selling them for next to nothing. Differentiation is the key, build on it, find your niche and you will develop valuable knowledge soon after It's the only true competitive advantage out there!

Best of Luck with your Sales!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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