How not to buy porsche parts!

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On 6th April I successfully bid for a used rear view mirror for my 924 Porsche from PRESTON PORSCHE and sent a cheque to cover £10.00 plus £5.50 postage to the name and address that they provided..On 16th April they contacted me to say they had not received it..On 3rd May they told me that my cheque was payable to P.Heaton,and they wanted it payable to P.Wilkinson.On 16th April a further cheque had  been sent to P.Wilkinson and payment stopped on the first cheque.The second cheque was cleared by my bank on 25th April.This was reported to Preston porsche on 6th May,who apologised for confusion and promised to post the mirror on Monday 8th May.By May 11th I contacted them to say it had not arrived and I was becoming annoyed.I then raised a dispute on E bay,and the response from Preston Porsche was that as the mirror had not arrived they would send another.That was a week ago last Thursday and I still have no mirror and they will not respond to my queries.

In light of my experiences I would recommend extreme caution when deal;ing with these people,they have been paid for goods which have not reached me in over a month,is this illegal? If not it seems a very easy way to make money!PRESTON PORSCHE are either rip off merchants or so inefficient I would recommend buying your parts elsewhere.

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