How tell if you are being sold fake god cards?

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I have recently come across lots of people moaning about being sold fake god cards. So i decided to write this, so i can educate people on god cards.

 Firstly, have a look at their feedback if it is 100% or 99.9% go ahead and buy. Many people who are selling god cards will have negative feeback for selling fakes. WARNING do not buy from them. Secondly, have a look at their picture, the god cards must have: A silver hologram in the bottom right corner, the code on Obelisk the tormentor should be GBI-002, code on winged dragon of ra should be GBI-003 and the code on slifer the sky dargon should be GBI-001. Also there should be some Japanese/Chinese in the bottom left corner. The god cards should not have any markings on their backs, Obelisk's back should be blue, ra's back should be yellowish gold and slifer's should be red.Finally there is no such thing as 1st edition god cards. Even if the picture has all these details still judge by feedback.

If the seller has private feedback or makes the auction private he is selling you fakes. If the seller is selling the god cards at a cheap price such as $20 or £10 they are selling you fakes. If you have recieved god cards and are not sure whether they are fake, check for the god cards being shiny all over and follow the steps above. Thanks for reading, hope it helps. ^_^
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