How to Accessorise a 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

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How to Accessorise a 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

A 3/4 sleeve shirt describes any top that has sleeves that rest on the mid forearm. Their style can vary, and depending on the materials and cut, 3/4 sleeve shirts can be dressy, workplace appropriate, or a casual baseball tee. A 3/4 sleeve shirt is ideal for days when it is a little too brisk for a short sleeve shirt. Equally as important as the top itself, women can accessorise their 3/4 sleeve shirts to create an entirely new look. The type of neckline, style, and pattern dictates which accessories best accent the shirt. Many fashion savvy women rely on a few key coloured belts and jackets to pull together their outfits. Jewellery and purses are also attractive additions to any ensemble. Women can find all kinds of 3/4 sleeve shirts and accessories at fashion boutiques, designer websites, and online marketplaces such as eBay..

Types of 3/4 Sleeve Shirts

There are many types of 3/4 sleeve shirts available for women. They range from casual to dressy and are made in different cuts and from various materials. 3/4 sleeve cotton t-shirts look great with a pair of capris or jeans. A 3/4 sleeve blouse or collared shirt is essential for any woman working in an office or professional setting. Lightweight 3/4 sleeve sweaters are comfortable pieces, ideal for layering. Tunics with 3/4 sleeves paired with leggings and chunky boots are always in style. In addition to the style of shirt, women should pay special attention to the neckline when choosing accessories. The chart below lists various types of 3/4 sleeve shirts.

Type of Shirt


Cotton or T-Shirt

Cotton 3/4 sleeve shirts are the in between size for short and long sleeves; many colours and prints available and useful for layering; cotton tees look great with jeans, skirts, shorts, and pants


3/4 sleeve blouses are made from cotton, polyester, silk, and other synthetic blends; there are an array of features to choose from; some blouses are button downs, and others have cuffs; 3/4 sleeve blouses can be form fitting or flowing


3/4 sleeve jumpers are typically lightweight and come in many options; sold in solid colours, striped, and other knitted patterns; jumpers are great layering tops during colder weather


3/4 sleeve tunics are usually made of a cotton or synthetic blend; there are in infinite number of options available, such as colour, pattern, and neckline; often paired with leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans

One of the most important features to consider when accessorising a 3/4 sleeve shirt is the neckline. Scoop neck and V-shaped necklines are nicely complemented by a stunning necklace. Additionally, V-shaped jumpers can be paired with a collared button-up for a warm and easy layering.

3/4 Sleeve Accessories

Accessorising a 3/4 sleeve shirt can really change the look of an entire outfit. Shoppers can colour coordinate their shirts and blouses inexpensively with just a few key accessories. Women can find necklaces and bracelets to match their tops. Belts cinched at the waist of 3/4 sleeve tunics can minimize and accent certain body features. Moreover, the right handbag is needed to complete any outfit, and jackets are excellent for layering with several styles of 3/4 sleeve shirts. The sections below provide women with ideas on how to accessorise a 3/4 sleeve shirt.


Jewellery is a quick, easy, and often inexpensive way to accessorise any top. 3/4 sleeve shirts with dramatic necklines can be paired with a necklace for a dainty embellishment. Women can choose from stringed, beaded necklaces, or ones with a lavish pendant. Earrings can be worn to match either the colours of the top or accents, such as buttons, studs, or embroidery. Bracelets and watches are two accessories that are great to couple with a 3/4 sleeve shirt. Shoppers can choose from wide banded bracelets,, several matching thin ones, or a colour-coordinated watch to cover the forearm to wrist.


Belts are a simple accessory used to alter the look of several 3/4 sleeve style shirts. Women should have a few neutral coloured belts, such as black,, brown,, navy,, and beige,, in their closets in order to match nearly every shirt. Belts are available in leather, cloth, and other synthetic materials and often have removable and interchangeable belt buckles. Although they are common accessories for any style of top, belts can be adorably paired with tunics for a fun, fashionable look. Curvy women can use wide stretch belts to cinch their waistline. Petite women should opt for a skinny belt to keep from shortening their stature.


Purses and other handbags really pull an outfit together. Like belts, women need neutral purses, at least a black and a brown one, to coordinate with their 3/4 sleeve shirt. But if handbags are inexpensive, women can accessorise tops with accent colours, such as pink, green, blues, or even funky designs. Oversized totes are an easy way to dress down outfits; also, totes are attractive pairings with casual tees and tunics. Designer handbags made of leather and other quality materials can dress up an entire outfit and are often paired with 3/4 sleeve blouses and sweaters.


Jackets are sold in 3/4 sleeve or full long sleeve options and are layering accessories for many shirts and sweaters. Hoodies,, track jackets,, and other zip ups look best with cotton tees and some tunics. Blazers and other collared jackets are often appropriate for the office and other occasions that call for dressing up. Thin jackets are ideal in mild climates, and thicker jackets provide warmth and protection from the elements. High fashion jackets are often made of leather,, tweed,, suede,, and wool,, and women should have at least a black and brown jacket to complement nearly any coloured top.

Other Accessories

Women should always match the colour of their shoes with their top. The right pair of court shoes,, boots,, wedges,, or flats can make an outfit come together and accent one of a woman’s best features, her legs. Short statured women can add a few inches with a pair of heels. Casual dressers can pair tunics with a pair of leggings and flats.. Glasses and sunglasses are another fun way to accessorise a 3/4 sleeve shirt; women can buy inexpensive eyewear in an array of patterns and colours as an accent. Some women even prefer to match their nail polish to their daily outfits.

How to Buy a 3/4 Sleeve Shirt on eBay

After you have decided on the style and accessories for your desired 3/4 sleeve shirt, you are ready to begin your search on eBay.. Type in "3/4 sleeve shirts&" to see eBay’s comprehensive collection. If you still want more of a selection, check out eBay’s sellers shops.. Include keywords such as the size, colour, or style to limit your results. "Small 3/4 sleeve blouse&" and "green 3/4 sleeve shirt&" are two examples of searches that will produce specific items. For even more help optimising your search results, take a look at eBay’s Search Tips page.

eBay understands not all women looking for a 3/4 sleeve shirt have the same priorities; therefore, eBay is designed to enable buyers to custom sort their results.. Get the best deals on eBay by sorting items from lowest to highest price; eBay will even factor in shipping to ensure the list is accurate. Additionally, results can be arranged by highest to lowest price, time left in auction, and distance from the seller.

Once settling on an auction item, you have two more steps to complete before making a bid or purchase. First, read the listing in its entirety, including the terms and conditions, to understand what you are buying and the condition it is in. Should any part of the listing need clarification, feel free to ask the seller. Next, look at the seller’s eBay history to see how past transactions have been handled. Check the seller’s approval rating and feedback,, and only buy from those with high ratings and positive comments. For superior service, buy from one of eBay’s top rated sellers.. These sellers have a long history of outstanding customer satisfaction and a designating icon next to their username.


3/4 sleeve shirts are available in an array of colours, styles, necklines, and materials. How women accessorise their tops typically depends on a combination of factors. By having a few neutral coloured jackets and belts, women can dress up or dress down; for example, a blazer or collared jacket gives a 3/4 sleeve shirt a more polished, professional look. Women should have at least a black and brown belt in order to match any shirt. Purses and jewellery are easy to add on and sometimes inexpensive accessories that can enhance any 3/4 sleeve shirt. Bangle and cuff bracelets rest nicely in the space between the sleeve and the wrist. Long necklaces are ideal for plunging necklines and V-shaped necks. Some shoppers even wear earrings to match buttons and other minor accents. Ladies can find a variety of 3/4 sleeve shirts and matching accessories at local apparel stores, online websites, and virtual auctions, such as eBay..

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