How to Achieve a Retro Look With Women's Vintage Accessories

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How to Achieve a Retro Look With Women's Vintage Accessories

You may not dress in a retro style from head to toe but you can create a classic look when adding women's vintage accessories to your modish mix. Reconstructing a look from years past simply involves looking at eBay seller listings offering just the right piece to enhance your existing wardrobe.



Wearing vintage accessories does not mean you intend to look old in the process of dressing as others did in days gone by. Viewers will notice your women's vintage sunglasses are not anything they have seen lately. Women's retro sunglasses normally look bigger than traditional smaller frames and cover the eyes and possibly the eyebrows. Jackie Kennedy had the vintage sunglass look you are after. Another retro look is the cat-eye shaped sunglasses. Even the dark-lens aviator shades qualify as vintage. Shoppers sometimes prefer a genuine pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for a dated look.



Women notice another woman's purse before anything else, and this accessory tends to set the tone of the outfit. Women's vintage bags may look like totes inclusive of handles. Hold the bag handle or let the handle rest on the upper forearm. A women's retro bag may be a clutch small enough to fit in the palm and held with the fingers pressed against it. Some older handbags have only a shoulder strap or a combination handle and long strap used separately at the discretion of the wearer.



Look for women's vintage shoes with intrinsic, decades-old wear. Dress shoes of the 1960s had square toes, low heels, and perhaps flat bows across the arches, in neutral colours. Women's vintage brogues usually lace up and have flat heels. Shoe colours are predominantly brown, beige, and black, and instead of laces some have buckle closures. Another popular vintage style is the Oxford shoe worn chiefly in the 1940s and 50s, with some in two-tone styling.



Complete the yesteryear look by adding a women's vintage hat to showcase your getup. First worn by women of South Africa in the 1920s, bowlers, or derby hats, remain fundamental pieces of vintage womenswear. Early barbershop quartet singers wore straw hats called boaters which women began wearing to make a fashion statement. Other vintage hats include ladies fedoras, wool cloches, beret caps, and wide-brim floppy hats. Women encircled retro hats of the 1920s with swaths of fabric and large flowers.

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