How to Apply a Lace Wig With Glue

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Clip all hair and baby hair away from the edge of the wig. This will prevent the hair from getting stuck in the glue when applying the unit.
Cautiously cut the lace around the entire hairline. You may cut all the lace off or you can leave a little of the lace if you feel more comfortable doing so. **Make sure all baby hair is carefully pinned back so it is not cut.
*OPTIONAL*: When you have completed cutting the lace around the entire perimeter, you can spray Block on the edge of the lace to prevent it from fraying. (Please be sure to use this sparingly, because it can try white if you use too much.)

Start with clean hair. Either braid hair in small cornrows, or tightly wrap your hair for a flat look
Clean the skin with soap and water (not oil based cleansers)
Remove oils from the skin with an alcohol based cleaner. Your wig will not stick to an oily surface.
Do not use cotton wool or fluffy material on your hair line for wig lace, the fluffy will stick and be difficult to remove
Apply a thin layer of skin protectant to the  skin around the perimeter of the hairline. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. (This step is very important for those who workout, swim or those with sensitive skin.
Allow the skin protectant to dry completely
*RECOMMENDED* For those with hair, put on a flesh-toned wig cap, and line it up with your hairline, so it is completely covered. This will work as a protective layer for your hair, and will also create a scalp illusion under your hairline. (Make sure the wig cap is pulled taught onto your hairline.) FYI: To prevent the wig cap from slipping, allow the glue and/or tape to overlap onto the nylon stocking cap or loosely stitch the cap in place.

Start with a Q-Tip or a small make-up brush and apply a thin coat of the glue around the perimeter of your hairline. Use the liquid adhesives sparingly; using a lot of the adhesive will add to the drying time. Soft bond adhesives (I.e.: Vapon No-Tape, Ultra-Hold and Invisi-bond) must dry or get tacky . To aide the drying time, use a hand held blowdryer on a cool/warm setting until dry or tacky. *Do NOT bond lace wig to wet glue, the wig will not set properly and will not stick well. Hard bond adhesives (I.e.: Endurabond, Dermabond and Base bond) do NOT require any drying time, since they dry immediately after it is applied.

TIP: Allow the adhesive to dry. It must be very tacky

To make sure it is aligned properly, you must first bond the wig at the center of your front hairline. (The center point can be determined by parting the hair down the middle and aligning it with the center of your forehead or widows peak.) Then going from one side to the other, press the edge of the wig down into the adhesive using a fine tooth comb. *FYI* If you made an error when applying use a Q-Tip and alcohol between the lace and your skin to release and reapply the wig
Double check your hairline and touch-up any areas where the wig is not applied securely. If you need to remove any excess glue use a Q-Tip and the corresponding solvent.

When you have completed the application process, tie down your hairline with a silk or satin scarf. This will allow the glue to set and dry properly. You may also sit under a dryer during this step to aide in the drying process.

IMPORTANT* For those who want to use a tape and glue combination, the glue should go on your skin and the tape should go on the lace. This will actually protect the lace from the wear and tear of the liquid adhesives. For those who want an even stronger hold, you may apply glue on the tape as well, just be cautious


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