How to Buy 22k Indian Gold

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How to Buy 22k Indian Gold

Amongst the most precious metals in the world, gold is a wonderful ornament to wear and display. Indian gold jewellery in 22 karats is both attractive and crafted in beautiful designs and styles, making it quite popular in the marketplace. Investing in 22k Indian gold jewellery is a good way to build and expand your collection.


Karat Rating for Indian Gold

All gold jewellery, including 22k Indian gold, is an alloy, as solid gold is too soft to use for jewellery. Manufacturers mix the gold with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, or zinc to give it strength and durability, and manufacturers rate gold jewellery by the amount of gold in the particular piece, called karats. For instance, for Indian gold jewellery, the most common karat options are 18, 22, and 24. Karats indicate the amount of actual gold in the piece. The higher the karat, the more gold is in the metal.


Colours of Indian Gold

While people tend to think of gold as being yellow, gold is not limited to any one colour. In addition to the more commonly worn and traditional yellow colour, white and rose gold are also popular. Two-tone styles of 22-karat gold are not unusual. Combining pure gold with other metals creates a diverse colour palette. Mixing in white metals such as palladium or silver creates white gold, which is a popular choice for wedding bands. The inclusion of copper results in the soft pink complexion of rose gold, which is also sometimes called Black Hills gold. Gold jewellery from India can also feature a wide spectrum of other colours. However, the overwhelming worldwide demand is for the warmth of yellow gold. 


Identifying Indian Gold

In many countries, including India, the centralised government requires that every item of gold jewellery bear a stamp indicating the number of karats. Usually controlled through a hallmarking system, India has set a standard for gold sold both at home and abroad. This hallmark scheme aligns with the international criteria on hallmarking from the Vienna Convention of 1972. While branded jewellers usually stamp the pieces themselves, they need a licence granted by the government. When you examine gold jewellery, look for the hallmark, usually on the clasp, that indicates the karats of gold in the piece.


Purchasing Indian Gold Jewellery

When you are ready to purchase a 22-karat gold jewellery piece, first examine the item for the hallmark, which denotes the karats, to be sure it is authentic. Feel the piece to be sure there are no burrs or parts that could snag clothing. If the piece has a clasp, look for a good solid connection. Be aware that while magnetic clasps are easy to close and remove, they also are prone to loosening and you could lose the piece.

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