How to Buy Affordable Camping Accessories

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How to Buy Affordable Camping Accessories

Camping is a way to explore the outdoors and get a feel for nature. However it is unlikely that people want the full experience of having to fashion shelters from wood or live off the land. While having a tent can keep you protected from the elements there are numerous other items that are needed in order to ensure you can stay clean, cook and be protected. Knowing how to buy affordable camping Accessories on eBay can allow you to be fully prepared at a fraction of high street prices.

Be prepared

The motto be prepared is an effective one. However this does not mean packing everything you could conceivably need for all potential eventualities. It means carefully considering the situation and deciding what type of accessories you need for your own particular situation.

For example if you are going on a family trip to a campsite then you are more likely to be going to that destination in a vehicle. This means that you have more space to put in items and can transport them easier. Furthermore it is likely that you will have the additional advantage of more people to help you transport them and ensure everything is safely packed away.

However if you are hiking then this is different. While it is important to be prepared in terms of having a stove to cook with or a sleeping bag you need to remember that everything you need you will be carrying with you and this will include your tent. Some people may do a part hike and part drive but even this will involve a long distance of walking and therefore you need to consider the items you will be carrying with you.

The gear

In order to decide what kind of accessories you need it helps to know what they are and whether they are essential for the kind of camping that you are going to do. It is recommended that you do a checklist so when it comes to the time when you need to pack items you can check and double check that you have everything you need. While the tent is an obvious one there are a number of other items needed for a fully prepared camping trip.

  The sleeping bag is one of the most basic accessories you will need. It is advisable to check that you have one that is large enough to fit you in. Remember if you are camping with other people that you will need to remember enough space for both yourselves and your sleeping bags, so two people sharing a tent ought to consider a three man tent, three people a four man tent and so forth.

  An air mattress is also a useful addition if you wish to avoid sleeping on a hard or wet surface. This is worth purchasing if your tent has a thin surface so that you have extra protection in case it rips.

  A tarp is a piece of material that can be used to cover the tent or placed under the tent in order to shield people from the elements.

  Additional rope is useful to have with you in case the ropes holding up your tent breaks or for other emergencies. Tent pegs are also recommended to keep your tent held down in windy conditions.

  A water bottle is also highly recommended as there is no guarantee that there will be facilities nearby with fresh water so it is worth having your own supply for drinking and keeping yourself clean.

  Matches are useful to have with you so that you can start a fire. Remember to keep watching your fire and to put it out at night before you sleep to prevent the fire from spreading.

 First aid kits are worth having with you to deal with any minor injuries, while having a pen knife to hand is advisable in case you need to cut things.

Buying the items

A quick search on the category list will allow you to look for camping accessories on eBay. If possible try to be specific and narrow the search to start with. Think about the category of item so that you can keep the search simple and check off the items you need as you get them.

Type of accessory


Water accessories

Water purification tablets, water bottles

Cooking accessories

Matches, stoves, gas supply

Outer shelter supplies

Knife for cutting, rope, tent pegs, tarp.

Sleeping supplies

Sleeping bag, air mattress, additional tarp for the bottom surface of the tent

Remember that as well as the items themselves you need to consider the weight of the items too. This is especially important while you are hiking as every pound will either be on your back or physically held in your hands. Therefore you need to consider what are the most portable items that have the most usefulness but are also very light. In other words you want something that will allow you to cook things or cut through things but you do not necessarily want them taking up a lot of space in your bag.

As well as the equipment you ought to consider wearing clothing with multiple pockets. This means you can carry more items and equally reduces the risk of any important smaller items getting lost. However it is essential you put important items in pockets that you can easily access, something that could be life saving in an emergency situation.

If you are travelling with a vehicle or not going very far you can get away with using heavier items. The benefits of heavier items such as gas stoves is that they are more likely to be harder wearing and reliable. The difficult decision is whether being able to move further or having the more reliable items is more important for your camping needs.

With eBay you have numerous options in terms of where you buy the items from. Some people set up eBay pages for their own businesses so that people can direct from them and allow them to pass on the saved costs of not having their own website.

Alternatively you can go through the auction process in order to get a bargain. The problem with this is that other people involved will be thinking the same thing. Therefore it is important to know what you want and to check the items before you make a bid.

Finally there are also eBay sellers who allow you to simply buy directly from them without the bidding process. This means you can simply pay the price they ask for and get the items you want.

Finding out more

Camping equipment needs to be carefully considered before you buy it with each individual item often performing an important function whether it is to help keep you warm, let you cook food or reinforce your shelter. Before you make your purchase on eBay it is important to fully check the details of the item. A simple checklist can help you to check an item and compare its value against equivalent items people are selling on eBay.


The item is one that you want

The product description matches your personal requirements in terms of weight and other factors

The price seems fair and clearly indicates additional costs such as shipping

The photographs appear to be genuine and show the product from a number of angles, clearing indicating the condition of the item.

The seller can be contacted and is happy to answer any questions you have. They are not evasive and are quick in responding to any enquiries.

The seller has a lot of positive reviews and feedback on eBay. As well as high ratings from other eBay users the reviews specifically indicate the quality of their service and are clearly written by genuine people who have bought the products.

Trusted sellers on eBay are worth looking for as these are the people that have been recognised by other users for their quality products and prompt delivery. This is especially important with camping equipment as you want to ensure that the items you purchase are reliable and safe to use in a camping environment.

There are certain aspects of camping accessories that are vital. For example a pen knife ought to be properly sharp in order to cut things. Sleeping bags need to be warm and cooking stoves need to work. It is a scary thought that the items you are relying on to shelter you or keep you protected may not be appropriate.


This is why when looking at how to buy affordable camping accessories on eBay you do not skimp on the quality. Careful inspection of pictures and checking the feedback from reviewers who camp on a regular basis will allow you to decide what items are most suitable for your camping trip, regardless of whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or you are taking your children to a campsite a few miles from home. In short you can find the ideal camping equipment you need at an affordable price if you are prepared to carefully compare what is available on eBay and find what you need for many camping trips to come.

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