How to Buy Affordable Ducati Parts

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How to Buy Affordable Ducati Parts

Ducati motorcycles are very popular amongst motorcycle enthusiasts for many reasons. They are known for top-end performance, and have a background that is closely tied with racing. Ducati is actually owned by the same company that owns Audi, and is a subdivision of Lamborghini, which is further evidence of its storied racing history. Ducati motorcycles have a few key features that distinguish them from other motorcycles, and allow them to perform at such a high level. Not surprisingly, motorcycle enthusiasts who ultimately purchase a Ducati, are always looking to add after market parts to improve the performance or aesthetic qualities of the machine.

The biggest component of a Ducati motorcycle is the engine. These are large-capacity, four stroke, 90 degree, V-Twin engines, and a desmodromic valve design. It is these features that have established Ducati as one of the most impressive performance motorcycles available. Additional Ducati parts may be related to performance and looks, but also may be a replacement part. There are many Ducati enthusiasts that maintain or restore older motorcycles, and they may need additional components from similar motorcycles.

Cost of Ducati Parts

Being a high performance motorcycle, Ducati's are not cheap relative to other bikes. Along the same vein, Ducati parts are typically fairly expensive. Whether they are for performance, visual, or restoration purposes, Ducati parts must be carefully compared and priced out so that buyers can find the best deal. Many online retailers like eBay, as well as brick and mortar establishments, offer Ducati parts. The manufacturer, based in Italy, also offers parts for sale. Often, prospective buyers can find better deals for suitable parts in many different places, therefore buyers would be wise to do extensive due diligence before making a final purchasing decision.

Ducati Parts

Ducati parts fall into three main categories. These are performance, aesthetic, and restoration/replacement type parts. Performance parts increase the speed, agility, braking, or other attributes of the bike. Aesthetic parts increase the visual appeal of a Ducati motorcycle. Finally, restoration or replacement parts are used to either restore older bikes, or replace defunct parts of a motorcycle.

Performance Parts

In order for performance parts to increase in efficiency, more air or fuel must be injected into the engine quicker. There are specific parts that can affect fuel injection, air injection, and also air exhaust. These are the typical products that buyers who seek improved performance, are likely to be in the market for.


Exhaust components are a common first modification for Ducati's. They come in a few different types including slip-ons, full systems, and coring of the muffler. Essentially, exhaust modifications increase the diameter of the exhaust pipe. This allows more air to escape the motor more quickly. Air exhaust is a large component of performance and exhaust modifications are usually simple, straightforward, and relatively inexpensive. Finally, some motorcyclists claim that modified exhaust systems make the motorcycle sound better, either louder or deeper.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel injection is another way to get more power and higher performance from a Ducati motorcycle. There are many types of parts that increase fuel injection, popularly known as "jet kits". One thing to be aware of when it comes to fuel injection is that more does not necessarily mean better. While increased fuel injection gives the motorcycle more power, at a certain point, diminishing returns begin to show. Too much fuel injection can cause engine problems, and the fuel injection amounts also need to be proportionate to the air intake and exhaust.

Performance Chips and/or Computers

Motorcycle computers and chips control the flow of fuel into the engine. Even if the engine is capable of injecting fuel at a higher rate, often the computer restricts this for the purposes of both limiting the driver's ability to go too fast, and to avoid maintenance issues by overloading the engine. Commonly known as restrictor plates, stock computers may need to be changed if other parts are modified so that optimal performance can be had. This often requires professional assistance to accurately tune the computer to the components installed on the motorcycle.

Air Intake

Air filters and other intake devices are another popular after market modification. By increasing air flow into the engine, the more fuel can be injected, and the more power that can be put out by the engine. Air filters also clean the air coming into the engine, which is important because the higher the quality of the air, the greater the performance results. One thing to be wary of with both air intakes and exhaust, is that many localities have different emissions rules. Buyers should check before purchasing air intake or exhaust parts to ensure that it complies with the local laws.


Tyres can greatly impact performance. Tread type, tyre width, and size, can all affect performance, particularly in terms of acceleration and handling. In addition, tyres need to be replaced arguably more frequently than any other motorcycle component. Motorcycle riders should also be sure their tyres are kept at proper inflation levels. Even the highest performing tyre starts to not only lack in performance, but also creates durability issues if it is not inflated properly. Tyres are critical to the performance of any motorized machine, but especially for motorcycles as they only have two points of contact. 

Other Performance Parts

Sprockets are another popular performance part, as they aim to increase torque and agility. A flywheel is another part that may improve performance either by increasing torque or by decreasing the overall weight of the motorcycle. Coils, wires, and clutches may also be desirable. Buyers should be advised that while Ducati manufactures many of these items themselves specifically for Ducati motorcycles, generic brands can also be found at competitive prices.

Aesthetic Parts

Virtually every part of the motorcycle that is visible to the naked eye can be modified. Handlebars, fenders, wheel rims, and more. can all be purchased for Ducati motorcycles. Interestingly, some of the performance parts have also been made to be visually pleasing. They can serve a dual purpose of increasing the performance, and improving the visual aspects of the bike. Certainly custom parts can found with specific colours and designs being incorporated, but these can often be very expensive.

Restoration/Replacement Parts

There are many motorcycle enthusiast groups out there, including those specific to Ducati motorcycles. Many of these groups focus on the restoration of older Ducati models. The most highly prized motorcycles are the ones that are restored with original parts, and look as close to the original as possible. Often, this requires buyers to search extensively for usable parts from older models. Some motorcycles are scrapped for parts which can yield a premium part if the right buyer is found.

How to Buy Affordable Ducati Parts on eBay

eBay has a wide selection of parts suitable for use on a Ducati motorcycle. Whether shoppers are seeking aesthetic, performance, or restoration parts, eBay has a broad range of Ducati brand parts and generic parts suitable for use with a Ducati motorcycle. A general keyword search may be a good starting point, however with the many different categories of Ducati parts, this search may be overly broad. It can provide basic browsing options, but users looking for a specific part should include that term in their search to avoid displaying every type of Ducati part.

Another search option is navigate eBay's many categories. This may be prudent as its users can easily get the specificity they need using these categories. It allows shoppers to get results only for tyres, or specifically for exhaust systems. This can be more efficient than just a general search. Finally, the results can be sorted by price, buying format, and time left at auction. eBay's unique marketplace also makes it a great place to shop for hard to find parts and older, rare items.


Ducati is a well-known and popular performance motorcycle. There are many parts available for Ducatis, both related to performance and aesthetics. Performance parts can increase agility, acceleration and top speed. The main component related to performance is the engine. There are many parts that are part of the engine systems that can increase performance such as exhausts, increased fuel injections, and air intakes. Motorcycle computers can also be desirable once the other components have been installed to get the most out of those modifications.

Visual components can increase the attractiveness of the bike and individualise it to the operator. Finally, some older models of Ducati can be restored using original parts that can be found from salvage yards or previous owners. Ducati buyers should be conscious of price and suitability of the component they wish to purchase. An extensive amount of research is required not only into the part itself, but also in terms of installation in order for buyers to avoid purchasing the wrong item. Although Ducati has a reputation for being expensive, affordable parts can be found if the buyer is determined, and eBay has a unique market that lends itself to favourable deals for buyers.

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