How to Buy Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment

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How to Buy Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatments have become a popular method for people to achieve brighter and more attractive smiles, but these treatments can be expensive when they are professionally done. Because of the prohibitive costs, in-home teeth whitening kits made by well-known brand names are becoming more available to consumers who want to whiten their teeth but do not want to spend large sums to do it. Also, people may not have the time or the desire to visit a dentist in order to get a professional treatment, the results of which might not last more than a few weeks anyway.

The availability of quality teeth whitening treatments that can easily be purchased and used at home has enabled individuals to save considerable amounts of time and money. A consumer who plans to purchase a teeth whitening treatment should consider the various types of treatment available in the market as well as the benefits and drawbacks of in-home treatments. It also helps to utilise the online source eBay in the search for a teeth whitening treatment that is also affordable.

Types of Teeth Stains

There are internal and external types of stains that occur to teeth. While both types can be treated with a whitening product, many treatments are geared toward the stains that appear on the surface of teeth.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains appear on the inside of teeth and are usually a result of age or a trauma that has occurred to the tooth. Digesting medicines such as Tetracycline when a person is younger, or ingesting large amounts of fluoride can also affect the internal characteristics of a tooth's colour. These types of stains are very difficult to remove, because they exist in the interior of the tooth where it is difficult to apply treatment effectively. While these stains can be corrected, effective results can be achieved through professional treatments that are applied over a long period of time. This makes intrinsic stains more costly and time consuming. 

Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains can be treated effectively through the use of teeth whitening products. These stains are on the outer surface of the tooth and are a result of food and beverage residue entering and remaining in the enamel. Superficial stains such as those made by eating and drinking darker-coloured foods can be addressed by simpler treatment methods such as brushing and rinsing. However, deeper stains that are embedded in the enamel are only effectively treated with a whitening or bleaching regimen. Many whitening treatments are designed to correct extrinsic stains, and they are more affordable and easy to purchase and use at home.

Causes of Teeth Stains

The main cause of tooth staining is microcracks that develop in teeth enamel over time. The simple act of chewing can cause microcracking, and chewing hard foods or having some sort of trauma occur to a tooth can create larger fissures in the tooth enamel. Over time, food and liquid particles build up in these tiny microcracks and create stains that can only be removed through a whitening treatment.




Teeth naturally darken with age; wear and stain accumulation over time build up and become more noticeable; treatment becomes more involved at higher ages to return teeth to natural white; stains may be intrinsic or extrinsic and can be treated over a longer period of time

Eating Habits

Dark coloured beverages such as coffee, wine, tea, and colas contribute to stains within the enamel; foods with high acid properties such as oranges, lemons, can contribute to enamel erosion; stains are extrinsic and are effectively treated by a whitening regimen

Tooth Thickness

Genetic traits such as thin teeth are more susceptible to staining versus thicker teeth; thinner teeth have less pigment to be bleached, so they are more difficult to remove stains from; stains are intrinsic and cannot be treated by over-the-counter whitening treatments


Adds microcracks to enamel into which stain-causing debris is lodged; tooth trauma causes larger enamel damage and a higher propensity to stain; stains may be intrinsic or extrinsic and must be treated over a longer period of time


Nicotine slowly soaks into the tooth and leaves brownish stains that are difficult to remove; these extrinsic stains may be treated by teeth-whitening processes


Certain medicines such as Tetracycline used by younger people during tooth formation cause greying and browning of teeth; heavy doses of fluoride cause a spotted appearance in the white enamel; stains are intrinsic but can only be treated over time

Nearly all types of stains can be reduced through whitening treatments. Some stains that occur through trauma or age can be more difficult to remove, but they may show noticeable improvement through whitening treatments.

Types of Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatments

While there are numerous teeth whitening treatments available on both professional and in-home basis, the more affordable treatments are those that people can purchase and then utilise in their own homes. In-home treatments are not only more affordable, but they also take less time to apply and can be done at the convenience of the individual.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are a common affordable type of teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening strips have a whitening gel that is activated when a protective covering is peeled away from the strip which is then pressed directly over the teeth and left in place for a certain amount of time. Whitening strip kits usually hold enough strips to apply to the teeth once or twice a day for up to a certain number of days. Improvements in the colour of teeth can be noticed after a few days, and the results usually last for several months before the treatment needs to be repeated.

Tooth Moulds with Gel

Tooth moulds are a mouth guard-like tray that is filled with a peroxide-based whitening gel. The tray is then placed in the mouth over the upper and lower teeth and left in for up to several hours so that the teeth can soak in the whitening gel. This process is repeated every day over several weeks until the desired effect is achieved. This process is also an affordable way to address heavily stained teeth, but it does require more of an effort on the user's part than in the case of teeth whitening strips.

Pre-Brush Rinses

Pre-brush mouth rinses are gaining popularity as a good starting point for overall more effective oral hygiene. Mouth rinses that are designed to help whiten teeth also feature the same benefits of other rinses such as killing germs and helping reduce plaque and gum disease. However, these rinses also include ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide that assist in whitening teeth. Whitening mouth rinses are an affordable treatment that can be utilised on an everyday basis to augment other whitening treatments and help slow the formation of stains.

Whitening Toothpaste

Much like pre-brush rinses, teeth whitening toothpastes are an affordable method to fight against teeth stains on an ongoing basis. When used in conjunction with a whitening pre-brush rinse, whitening toothpastes can be very effective at maintaining the results of either a professionally-applied whitening treatment or an in-home version. Whitening toothpastes contain gentle whitening agents along with normal mild abrasive ingredients and so are safe to use on a continual basis.

Buying Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatments on eBay

Once you have decided to purchase a whitening treatment, the next step is to utilise the safe and secure shopping and search tools available on eBay. At the eBay home page, begin by entering a keyword such as "teeth whitening treatment" into the search box. This provides a list of the various auctions available for you to view. You can browse through each listing until you find a whitening treatment that accommodates your target price range. You may also narrow the search results to a more manageable number by refining the search criteria by selecting from various subcategories. If you already know what type of whitening treatment you are looking for, you may input the search term for that treatment into the search box.

The eBay community utilises buyer feedback to rate the seller's performance during a transaction. After the auction closes and the buyer receives the items purchased, a positive or negative rating is provided along with feedback to rate the seller. By checking the feedback history and rating of a seller before you commit to a purchase, you can feel more confident in proceeding with a transaction.


Teeth stains are an inevitable part of life. No matter how much one cares for teeth, it is the nature of a tooth's enamel to form microcracks and stains as a result of eating and drinking. Constant brushing and flossing are a good start to proper oral hygiene, but this alone cannot remove stains that build up over time. The only way to really get whiter teeth is through the use of teeth whitening treatments that can be done professionally or be easily purchased and used at home at one's convenience.

Teeth whitening treatments may be purchased over-the counter or online on eBay. By using a whitening treatment every few months and rinsing and brushing with whitening rinses and toothpaste, people can significantly reduce the amount of stain buildup on their teeth and effectively manage additional stains from occurring.

Since whitening treatments are an ongoing practice, it is important to find cost-effective alternatives in order to keep the process affordable. By utilising the advanced shopping tools and search capabilities of an auction site such as eBay, consumers can effectively manage costs while ensuring they have the tools to keep their teeth white readily at their disposal.

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