How to Buy Affordable Womens Golf Clothes

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How to Buy Affordable Women's Golf Clothes

While golf has sometimes had a stuffy image of men playing at exclusive courses this has changed a lot in the last few years. The sport is now more inclusive and people from all ages play at both public and private courses. While it is possible to wear your own clothes on public golf courses some may have a specific dress code. However this is not the only reason as there are also practical considerations when considering how to buy affordable women's golf clothes that conform to today's women's fashion trends.


There are certain key items of garments that you ought to consider looking for when playing golf.

  • Golfing shirts are designed to keep sweat off, especially useful in humid conditions
  • Trousers, shorts and skirts need to be of lightweight material that allow for a natural swing and are not too revealing
  • Shoes ideally should have light clefts. Some courses may not allow specialist golf shoes so you should check this before making a purchase.
  • Protective winter and rain clothing ought to be reasonably lightweight as well so as not to interfere with the swing while at the same time still providing protection from the elements.
  • Visors and hats ought to help shield your eyes from the sun and allow you to concentrate on your swing.

Things to consider

There are numerous key points to consider when comparing the various manufacturers and types of golf clothes available. The first thing to check is the dress code of your local golf course in order to avoid any potential embarrassment. However there are other factors that are also important.


Why the consideration is important


Whether or not you play more in summer or winter


Ensuring your clothing does not affect your swing

Body type

The clothes have been designed with your body type in mind, both in terms of physical movement and comfort

  • You need to consider whether you play more often in the summer and winter. Different conditions require different clothing.
  • Flexibility is a key concern while playing so that you can swing naturally. Lightweight clothing is ideal for this.
  • Visibility is also an issue as you want to be able to concentrate while playing.
  • Ensuring that the clothing has been designed with the female body type in mind.
  • As well as practical issues golf clothing for women is also designed specifically with them in mind and looks more appropriate on the course.

The difference

It can be tempting to ask why women need to wear different golfing clothes to men. One of the main similarities to clothing for men is that it designed to keep sweat away from the body and emphasises lightweight fabrics.

There are also golf clothes available for women that are similar to the style of clothes designed for men. For example there are golfing trousers and collared shirts for women that look similar to male designs but are designed to fit better than those designed for men.

You can also get clothing that is designed exclusively for women.

  • Golf dresses have been created to be lightweight. Often they will have elasticated waistbands so that the dress does not pinch while you are swinging.
  • Skorts are so called because they are halfway between a skirt and shorts. A skort is often compared with tennis skirts, making them ideal for summer conditions.
  • Bermuda shorts have also been manufactured that are closer fitting than the male equivalent to aid the swing.


Traditionally golf clothes for women go up to around size 14. However there are some specialist sellers on eBay that may sell clothing at different sizes. It is also worth remembering that there are also people who sell their own clothing lines via eBay and so it is worth contacting sellers directly to see if they are prepared to customise items that suit your particular golfing requirements.

Club rules

The rules about what is and is not acceptable while playing golf on a golf course can vary. There are some general rules that often come up so this is worth remembering when ordering online. Alternatively if you want to find a course that is less strict then you can look online to see if there are any public courses or courses that are not as strict online.

Clothing rules can include

  • Skirts should not be more than 4 inches higher than your knee
  • Courses may require a collared shirt although this is not necessarily applicable to all courses
  • Courses may restrict whether you can wear skirts or shorts depending on their views regarding revealing clothing or due to cultural sensitivity of some countries.
  • Clothing such as jeans may not be allowed. This is a reasonable request as tighter clothes can make it harder to swing properly.

Why it needs to be specific

It is recommended that you wear clothing specifically designed for golf on the golf course. Some people may feel that tennis clothing could be used for it instead of specialist golf clothing. The problem is that tennis clothing is often too short, making it both overly revealing while swinging and more importantly less comfortable while you are playing.

This is also true of wearing polo shirts that are not specifically designed for the golf course. They tend to be a bit heavier meaning that sweat tends to cling more as you play. This is especially difficult during humid conditions making it harder to swing and generally makes players feel more uncomfortable.

Another thing to remember is that the clothes you wear affect your game. With golf the smallest of details can make a difference. For example the gloves you wear can affect how you grip the club and this in turn can mean not hitting as far or as accurately as you could with a more comfortable grip. One example of a suitable glove is calfskin as this can stretch and is suitable for a number of hand sizes.

Take your time

It is recommended that you buy your golfing clothes after you have resolved to play the game on a regular basis. While some people may want to make a last minute purchase this increases the risk of buying something inappropriate. As well as ensuring the size fits you also need to ensure it works in the context of your game.

For example some people who play golf during the winter month buy golf coats that are a size or two too large in order to keep warm but at the same time have more freedom of movement for their swing.

Taking your time is also important when comparing what people have to offer. If you search women's golf clothes on eBay you will find numerous reviews. This will allow you to look at specific details regarding manufacturers and what they have to offer.

If possible try to look through as broad a range of reviews as possible. Look for people at a similar playing level if you can as their advice will probably be most appropriate for your particular playing style and circumstances. This should then allow you to narrow down your options.

Also be prepared to look at the feedback about the people selling the golf clothes. Ideally they will have high ratings and positive reviews. The combination of both is usually an indication of a reliable seller.

Buying from eBay

eBay is well known for the auction process that allows people to bid for items and get them at more affordable prices. What you may not know is that there are also a number of sellers that offer products that you can buy from straight away without the need to go through the bidding process. Indeed some people with independent businesses have their own seller page on eBay rather than a website as they find it to be more cost effective for their businesses.

In both instances you should check the details of what you are buying. Product specifications ought to indicate the size of the clothes and any other relevant details, especially by clarifying that these are specifically designed for women. If you are unsure it is recommended that you contact the seller directly with any enquiries. The product specification should also include details such as shipping and any return policy that the seller may have.

Final checklist

  • The clothes you choose are suitable for the conditions you play in
  • The clothes are suitable for the course dress code
  • The clothing has been specifically designed for women
  • It allows for additional flexibility and allows you to concentrate on your game
  • You have checked the seller details and feedback on eBay

While it may seem obvious each of these aspects need to be carefully checked. Affordable clothing still needs to be of appropriate quality and this is why you need to look at a number of sellers and options. Do not be afraid to ask questions and always check to make sure you are satisfied before purchasing a product or placing a bid on eBay.


In short knowing what you are looking for, why it is appropriate and how to get it on eBay are all aspects of knowing how to buy affordable women's golf clothes on eBay. Taking your time and comparing what is available will help to ensure you get the right garments to suit your game.

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