How to Buy Art Deco Diamond Jewellery on eBay

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How to Buy Art Deco Diamond Jewellery on eBay

Art Deco diamond jewellery first appeared in France during the 1920s before gaining international popularity during the 1930s and 1940s. With the change in technology, fashion, and the availability of materials during this period, jewellers discovered new ways of working with metal. New diamond cuts, such as the marquise, emerald, and pear, came into existence during the era. The eclectic style of Art Deco blends traditional craft motifs with machine-age imagery and materials. Art Deco diamond jewellery is characterised by its rich colours, bold geometric shapes, and lavish embellishments made of coloured stones. The jewellery often attracts attention to the wearer. Art Deco diamond jewellery is available in a wide array of forms, including necklaces, bangles, brooches, charms, rings, pendants, and earrings.

When purchasing Art Deco diamond jewellery online at eBay, buyers should understand how to determine diamond quality, familiarise themselves with the various types of jewellery material, and learn how to take the proper steps to make an informed buying decision.

Determining Diamond Quality

When purchasing Art Deco diamond jewellery on eBay, buyers should understand how to determine the quality of the diamond. Diamond quality is determined by the Four Cs: cut, carat, colour, and clarity. Together, these factors play a large role in pricing Art Deco diamond jewellery.

Cut of a Diamond

The cut of a diamond is largely defined by two aspects: the shape of the diamond and the quality of the workmanship. Popular diamond shapes include round, marquise, princess, radiant, pear, oval, emerald, and heart. The quality of the cut tends to vary greatly between diamonds. It is determined by the number of facets and the measurement and proportion of the stone and its reflectivity. The cut of a diamond has a great bearing on its sparkle and brilliance. A poorly cut flawless diamond appears dull and muted. When searching for Art Deco diamond jewellery, buyers should avoid shallow or deep cut diamonds. Light tends to escape from the sides of shallow cut diamonds instead of the top. Deep cut diamonds do not reflect light well.

Carat of a Diamond

A diamond's weight is measured in carats. If the diamond is smaller than one carat, it is measured in points, with one carat being equal to 100 points. Although it affects the price, the carat weight does not affect the beauty of the diamond. Therefore, this is generally the last of the Four Cs to consider. Larger diamonds are more rare. Therefore, the price tends to increase exponentially rather than proportionally as the size increases.

Colour of a Diamond

A diamond can divide light into a spectrum of colours. The less colour in the diamond, the better the colour grade and the higher the quality of the diamond. Diamonds are graded on a scale that ranges from D, totally colourless, to Z, a pale yellow or brown. Diamonds that are colourless, or graded D to F, are extremely rare and thus, expensive. The naked eye often cannot differentiate between these grades. Diamonds graded G to H are white, while those graded I to J are slightly yellow tinted. The colour of the diamond can have a dramatic effect on the price of the Art Deco diamond jewellery.

Clarity of a Diamond

A diamond's clarity refers to the presence of blemishes on and inclusions within the stone. Inclusions refer to internal flaws such as air bubbles, cracks, and non-diamond minerals found in the diamond, while blemishes refer to surface flaws such as scratches, pits, and chips. Diamonds with no or few inclusions and blemishes are more highly valued than those with less clarity. This is because they are rarer.

Diamonds are rated for clarity under 10x magnification. Grades range from flawless to included three. Buyers can see how clarity is graded in the table below.

Diamond Clarity


Flawless (F)

No internal or external flaws

Extremely rare

Internally flawless (IF)

No internal flaws, but some surface flaws

Very rare

Very very slightly included (VVS1, VVS2)

Minute inclusions

Very difficult to detect under 10x magnification

Very slightly included (VS1, VS2)

Minute inclusions seen only with difficulty under 10x magnification

Slightly included (SI1, SI2)

Minute inclusions more easily detected under 10x magnification

Included (I1, I2, I3)

Inclusions visible under 10x magnification as well as to the human eye

Not recommended

A diamond does not have to be flawless to be stunning. Although a lower clarity should directly affect the price of the diamond, the naked eye is often unable to distinguish the difference between a flawless diamond and a slightly included diamond.

Types of Art Deco Diamond Jewellery Metals

When searching for Art Deco diamond jewellery on eBay, buyers may choose to filter their search by the type of metal. Popular metal types include gold, silver, and platinum.

Gold Alloys for Art Deco Diamond Jewellery

Gold is often preferred for its malleability. Pure gold is very soft, so it is usually alloyed with other metals to improve its strength. Yellow gold is pure gold alloyed with zinc, cobalt, silver, or copper, while white gold is pure gold alloyed with zinc, palladium, nickel, or copper. White gold jewellery has rhodium plating that can wear down and deteriorate over time. Rose gold is pure gold alloyed with copper.

Platinum Alloys for Art Deco Diamond Jewellery

Platinum is often used to make Art Deco diamond jewellery. This metal is preferred for its hypoallergenic properties. It is corrosion and wear resistant, ductile, malleable, and dense.

Silver Alloys for Art Deco Diamond Jewellery

Silver is characterised by its increased malleability, ductility, and durability with respect to gold. When alloyed with copper, sterling silver is created, which is popularly used in Art Deco diamond jewellery. Other silver alloys used in jewellery include vermeil, Mexican silver, and Britannia silver.

Searching for Art Deco Diamond Jewellery on eBay

Buyers can search for Art Deco diamond jewellery through various means on the eBay website. From the eBay homepage, buyers can insert any related key terms into the search bar at the top of the page, such as "Art Deco diamond jewellery". This method is likely to result in a large number of listings. For more precise search results, buyers should consider using eBay's advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to narrow their search by price or condition. Buyers are also able to limit their search results to item listed by a particular seller.

Search by Top-Rated Sellers

Top-rated sellers are recognised by the eBay community for their high levels of customer service. These sellers must consistently earn five star ratings from past buyers and complete a minimum of 100 trouble free transactions in a given year. These sellers can be recognised by the Top-rated seller badge on the listing page. Top-rated sellers are also known for delivering items in a timely manner, offering accurate item descriptions, and charging reasonable postage and packaging costs.

Registering on eBay

To buy on eBay, buyers need to register and create an account. This is a one-off process and free to do. As a member, buyers are able to track up to 200 items, create reviews, and post to eBay's community message boards.

Buy Art Deco Diamond Jewellery with Confidence

Before making a purchase, buyers should always examine all listing images for signs of wear and tear to the Art Deco diamond jewellery. The pictures of items can provide helpful information to the buyer and let them know exactly what they are purchasing. If additional images or information is required, buyers should feel free to contact the seller by using eBay's "Ask a question" link. Most sellers are happy to provide additional information to promote a positive transaction.

Choosing a Payment Method

How to pay for an item greatly depends on the payment methods accepted by the seller. Every seller is unique and offers different methods of payment. Information about the accepted payment methods can usually be found with the item description. Most sellers accept PayPal because of its security and convenience. PayPal immediately transfers funds, allowing the purchasing process to be completed quickly. Buyers should always use a payment method that is secure and traceable such as PayPal, a credit card, or a debit card. Buyers should never choose to pay with cash for any purchase.


Art Deco diamond jewellery is characterised by its rich colours and bold geometric designs. When searching for diamonds, buyers should familiarise themselves with diamond quality. The quality of diamonds is determined by the Four Cs: cut, carat, colour, and clarity. A well cut diamond reflects and disperses light in brilliant ways. This quality should be an important part of a buyer's decision making process. Carat, or the weight of the diamond, should also be considered. The greater the carats the more valuable the diamond. Buyers should also consider the colour and clarity of the diamond. Pure colourless diamonds are the most rare, as are flawless diamonds. Buyers should make their final decision based on which diamond offers the best combination of the Four Cs and fits their budget.

In addition to diamond quality, buyers also need to determine the metal type. Some prefer the characteristics of gold, while others prefer the durability of silver. Equipped with this knowledge, buyers can make great use of the filter options eBay has to offer to find Art Deco diamond jewellery.

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