How to Buy Boat Pumps on eBay

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How to Buy Boat Pumps on eBay

A boat pump is not essential to all boats; however, there is an area at the bottom of every boat to fit one in. These pumps are used to remove water/liquid that is naturally collected at the bottom of boats . They are useful and safe to have, as there is a higher risk of it sinking without one, because of potential water build up. There are various considerations to make before buying a boat pump, and this guide will inform buyers of those considerations, and how once they have been made, it is easy to make a purchase using eBay.

Things to Consider When Buying Boat Pumps on eBay

This section will specify a number of considerations that should be made before buying a boat pump on eBay, and inform buyers of why they are important:

  • Flow Rate – Pumps tend to be rated in gallons per hour. The pump rate does not depend on boat size. Actual flow rates under real operating conditions are a little lower since water must be lifted up out of the bilge and pushed through lengths of hose to the exit.
  • What Is Being Pumped? – This will affect the material of the best boat pumps. The chosen pump must be able to pump the liquids being moved.
  • Location of Pump – Consider the amount of space in a boat for a pump. There may only be a sufficient amount of room for a small pump. Pumps that reside in the bilge tend to have a shorter working life before of a higher potential for flooding. Consider whether a pump can be placed somewhere high and dry.
  • Power Source – Power sources vary and determine the amount of water pumped. There are engine driven pumps , electric pumps, and more.
  • Durability – Some pumps can run dry for a period without any damage. For example, Diaphragm pumps. Some more expensive models have ball bearings as opposed to bushings, and tend to have a longer service life.
  • Construction – Boat pumps are either impeller or diaphragm.

Impeller constructed pumps are a common design, which are easy to use and do not clog easily. However, flow rates decrease more rapidly and flexible impeller pumps cannot run dry or else the impeller will be damaged.

Diaphragm constructed pumps are reliable, have high efficiency, pump air as well as water and are easy to service. However, valves in diaphragm pumps can clog.

Types of Boat Pumps

Below is a list of types of pumps, along with information on each pump that will also need to be considered before making a final purchase:


Type of Pump






Manual Bilge Pumps


For small rowboats and localized water removal, the best pump is a portable, hand pump. Manual bilge pumps are reliable in that as long as used correctly and in working order, they cannot fail.




Electric Bilge Pumps


For general small amounts of water coming in, an electric bilge pump is in order. These pumps can move up to 60 GPM, often allowing them to keep up with a leak. Electric pumps work until the battery is underwater so a manual back up in addition to an electric pump is safer.




Engine Cooling Pumps


Engine cooling pumps are driven by a belt from the engine, it turns a pulley and the pulley turns an impeller inside the pump. The water pump works while the engine is turning or by an electro-magnetic clutch, which turns the shaft of the pump when the clutch is energized while the engine is running


Fluid Transfer Pumps


Fuels have the ability to dissolve neoprene impellers and diaphragms. Therefore, pumps constructed for moving fuel will have Nitride components. Fuel pumps are explosion proof.





Utility Pumps


The majority of the fluids that are moved around by utility pumps are some version of fresh water, salt water, grey water or black water. Utility pumps can be used to supply fresh water to fixtures. When a fixture is opened on a pressure system, the pump will turn on to match the demand. For fresh or raw water, choose a fresh water pump that matches your output requirements.



Specialised Utility Pumps


There are several pumps that serve utility functions for specific applications aboard a vessel. For example, some pumps strain raw water then run it to a stern mounted tank to keep baitfish alive.

Buying Boat Pumps Online

The great thing about buying boat pumps online is the world of information that exists at a buyer's disposal. Various websites provide details about different pumps and their uses. All of the above considerations can be made with the help of the Internet.

Go online and do the necessary research into what boat pump is going to be the most suitable. Obtain details about specific requirements and use the information provided to whittle a search down to the best boat pump to suit all needs.

Buying online gives buyers the opportunity to research and search in their own time and leisure. Time can be taken to look at different pumps and reevaluate types and options over again until a buyer is one hundred percent confident with a pump.

In addition to be able to look up information, there is another way to utilise the Internet to gain information about boat pumps: ask. Get involved in discussions, communicate with avid boaters, and raise all of the questions desired.

Using eBay to Buy Boat Pumps

Once the Internet has been explored and all necessary information and specifications have been obtained, it is simple to bring those details to eBay and search for the most suitable boat pump. There are many easy to use search filters that allow buyers to whittle their way down and make their final decision about an item.

In the case of boat pumps, start by choosing the category Sporting Goods. After this, there will be a number of options to select from, mostly that of sports themselves. Select Sailing. Within Sailing, a number of related options will appear, including Clothing & Shoes, Life Jackets and Wetsuits. Also amongst those categories there will be the option Accessories and Equipment. This is the relevant category for boat pumps. A range of pumps will appear in the search list.

Following eBay's search filters is easy and extremely useful. That is not to say that specific and detailed information should be ignored. If a buyer knows the exact name, or type of boat pump, there is no reason as to why they cannot or should not key those words into the search box provided. All relevant items will appear in the list. Following these searches, there will still be the option to use eBay's filters to whittle them down further.

Details of items will reside within their item descriptions. However, how much detail is provided is at seller's discretion. If further information is required about an item, ask the seller. eBay gives the option to message seller's directly to obtain as much information as needed before sure about an item.

Buying Safety Considerations

Safety is important in anything that involves the exchange of money. To be sure that a seller is reliable and trustworthy, take a look at their feedback statistics. Some sellers will have sold hundreds of boat related items; others may have not sold any. It is important to see how much of the feedback is negative and relates to the purchase of a boat pump.

Negative feedback is common for users who have bought and sold a lot of items, simply due to the fact that it is more likely. This makes it important in some cases to read the actual feedback. At times, it may be due to circumstances and may not discourage from a purchase.

Be sure to read any terms and conditions that a seller may set out. Returns and delivery policies vary, so get as much detail as possible. Become familiar with eBay's terms and conditions. Once confident with a boat pump, use PayPal for a safe financial transaction. Receipt of purchase will be kept within the account, as well as being sent to the necessary email.

Buying boat pumps on eBay is easy. There are plenty to choose from at affordable prices, but remember to consider all of the considerations that need to be made.


For any details that are not provided within the item description sections, the Internet is full of answers regarding boat pumps. At a buyer's own leisure they can find out the most suitable type, flow rate, durability, whether they would like impeller or diaphragm and more; and once a purchase has been made, the Internet provides information on how to fit and maintain boat pumps as well.

With easy to use search filters, eBay can help not only with what to purchase, but also with how to purchase it. With generic search filters such as condition, price – including maximum prices willing to pay, and location of items, finding, buying and receiving the most suitable boat pump will be simple. Once the boat pump has been received, leave feedback for the seller. Make it easy for other buyers to make the decision that you did.

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