How to Buy Boys Pyjama Shorts

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How to Buy Boys' Pyjama Shorts

Boys’ pyjama shorts can be bought separately from pyjama tops to make them more versatile. For example, a multicoloured pair of shorts can be worn with a number of different tops in solid colours. In addition, if the top becomes soiled by spilled food or liquid, or by a boy simply being a boy, the top can be changed without the need to change the bottoms. While shorts are usually better suited to summer, some children feel restricted by clothing around the lower part of their legs while they sleep. As boys’ pyjama shorts are available in a variety of fabrics, warmer types such as flannel or warm cotton blends can be chosen for colder seasons.

Before shopping for boys’ pyjama shorts, it is important to gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different fabric types. Comfort and safety are two of the most important factors when choosing children’s sleepwear and while the material chosen plays a prominent part, the shorts’ fit and waistband design should also be considered. In addition, UK clothing sizes are not standardised. Take or ask for the child’s measurements and use these to decide on the most appropriate size when shopping. Sizing guides can be used as general guidelines, but it is best to check each item or manufacturer’s sizing policy before purchasing clothing. Finally, boys’ pyjama shorts are available in a variety of designs, and the pattern and colour chosen must be age appropriate. Boys’ pyjama shorts are available from department and clothing stores, and online sources such as eBay.

The Most Common Types of Fabric Used in Boys’ Pyjama Shorts

Cotton is the most popular choice for boys’ pyjama shorts, but shorts are available in several other fabrics. The four most widely used material types are listed and described in the table below, with a short discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.





Pure Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that is harvested from the cotton plant







Cool in warmer weather


Easy to clean and care for

Tends to shrink if not pre-washed

Creases easily

May not be colourfast

Not resistant to stains

Cotton Blend

A blend of cotton and other materials, often synthetics

Should take on the best features of each fabric in the mixture




Resistant to tearing

Does not show signs of wear easily

Does not crease as readily as cotton

More resistant to shrinking than cotton


Easy to clean and care for

If the blend does not contain much cotton, the benefits derived from cotton are minimised

Not as absorbent, breathable, or cool as cotton


Usually made from synthetic fibres, but can be made from naturally occurring chemicals




Resistant to stretching, shrinking and creasing


Easy to wash

Polyester made from synthetic fibres is not biodegradable, so this fabric is not considered environmentally friendly

Does not breathe well

Stains are difficult to remove


This soft woven material is made from cotton, wool, or synthetic fibres.

Often brushed for added softness






Does not crease easily

Easy to clean and care for

Synthetic and natural flannel may have different properties

Synthetic flannel is more flammable than cotton or wool flannel

Flannel made from natural fibres may not be resistant to stains

When choosing the fabric type, take the season into account. Cotton is more suitable for summer, cotton blends could work in summer or winter, and flannel works well in colder weather. The fabric should be easy to wash, breathable, soft, and comfortable. Flammable fabrics should be treated to prevent injury, or snug-fitting natural fabrics should be chosen as they are less likely to be a fire hazard.

Choosing the Right Type of Waistband for Boys’ Pyjama Shorts

The type of waistbands used in boys’ pyjama shorts affects how comfortable the garments are. Elasticated waists may seem practical as they are designed to fit different bodies. However, this type of waistband can prove to be too tight, pinching the skin and causing discomfort. In addition, if the elastic is not covered by fabric on the inside of the shorts, the feel of the elastic against the child’s skin may cause itching or discomfort. To avoid this, ensure that the shorts are the right size and that the elastic is covered. Also take the breadth of the waistband into account. A broader waistband is more comfortable that a thin one as pressure from the elastic is spread over a wider area.

Drawstring boys’ pyjama shorts are adjustable, but should be avoided when shopping for younger children. Drawstring clothing poses a hazard as young children can become entangled in the string, causing injuries. The drawstring should never be pulled too tight as restrictive clothing cuts off circulation. The biggest benefit of this type of waistband is that it can be adjusted, adapting the shorts to the child’s body shape.

Boys’ Pyjama Shorts Sizing Guide

As UK clothing sizes are not standardised, sizes often differ between one manufacturer’s products and the next’s. Additionally, sizing according to age range is often inaccurate as some children grow faster than others. To compensate for these factors, clothes should be bought according to the child’s current measurements.

How to Measure a Boy for Pyjama Shorts

Measurements should be taken using a fabric (or tailor’s) measuring tape. Where one is not available, take measurements with a piece of string or yarn. Simply measure the string using a builder’s measuring tape or a ruler. It is best to measure against the skin rather than over clothing.

The distance between the waist and the part of the leg where the bottom hem of the shorts should sit can be measured to get an idea of the length required in the shorts’ legs. However, the boy’s hip and waist measurements are essential.

Measuring the Waist

When taking body measurements, do not pull the measuring tape tight around the area being measured and keep the tape parallel to the ground. The waist should be measured around the widest part of the natural waistline. This is often a centimetre or two above the navel but below the ribcage, and differs from person to person.

Measuring the Hips

Hip measurements are taken slightly below the hip bones, around the largest part of the buttocks.

Boys Sizing Chart

A sizing chart can be used as a rough guide in order to get an indication of the size range that should be considered. The chart below lists measurements and their corresponding UK and European size.

Age (years)


















European Size









Waist (cm)









Hips (cm)









This sizing guide is intended as a rough guide only. If children are unable to try clothes on before buying, then ask the seller for specific measurements. When in doubt, buy a size bigger. Even if the boys’ pyjama shorts purchased are slightly too big they can be used at a later stage.

Choosing Age Appropriate Boys’ Pyjama Shorts

Boys’ pyjama shorts are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Some are more appropriate to particular age groups than others. For example, consider Ben 10, Disney, or Marvel designs for younger children, and solid colours or more muted designs for older boys. Of course, boys of all ages love football, but be sure to pick the right team. In addition to the design, do not buy pyjamas with embellishments or buttons for young children as these may come off and become choking hazards.

How to Buy Boys’ Pyjama Shorts on eBay

It is easy to find boys’ pyjama shorts on eBay. Simply perform a search by entering a search word or key phrase (like "boys' Tigger pyjama shorts") in the search box that can be found on any page. Narrow your selection by choosing the most appropriate category and characteristics. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then use the advanced search feature for more search options.

Before You Buy on eBay

A number of eBay features are designed to allow you to shop with confidence. One of these features is the seller feedback function, which allows you to see what others have to say about a particular seller before you make a purchase.

Check the Seller’s Feedback

eBay’s seller feedback feature allows buyers to leave feedback for sellers about their customer service and products. Detailed seller ratings include detailed information on aspects such as:

  • whether the item description was accurate in the seller’s listing
  • the reasonableness (or unreasonableness) of the postage and packaging fees
  • how long the buyer had to wait before the seller dispatched the item
  • the seller’s communication

Click on the number next to the seller’s username to view his or her detailed seller ratings.

Check the Item Listing

The item description, images of the item, information about the item’s condition, and bidding and buying options are displayed on the listing page. If you are unsure about anything regarding a listing, contact the seller by clicking on the "Ask a Question" link.


Buying boys’ pyjama shorts as separate items makes them more versatile as they can be mixed and matched with a number of tops. In addition, it makes changing soiled clothing easier as a dirty top can be substituted for a clean one without having to change the bottoms to match. Even though shorts are usually associated with warmer weather, some children dislike wearing long pyjama bottoms to bed. If this is the case, pyjama shorts made from thicker fabrics like flannel, can be worn with a long pyjama top.

Choosing the right boys’ pyjama shorts depends on taking a number of factors into account. The advantages and disadvantages of different fabrics should be considered, as well as the child’s comfort and safety. The boys’ pyjama shorts should have a comfortable waistband that does not pose a hazard to the child’s health. Clothing sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and so are not standardised. As a result, the child’s measurements should be available while shopping. These measurements can be compared to the manufacturer or seller’s sizing guidelines to ensure that the garments fit. Size guides can be used to get an idea of the size range to look for. Remember to buy boys’ pyjama shorts that are age appropriate, and ask for the child’s input if necessary. eBay sellers offer a range of boys’ pyjama shorts for children of all ages.

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