How to Buy Car Meshes and Vents on eBay

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How to Buy Car Meshes and Vents on eBay

There are many types of car meshes and vents that can be found on the popular worldwide auction website, eBay. Car meshes protect either objects in a car or truck, or replace the tailgate on a truck. Most of the time, car meshes and vents are simple to find and simple to install. In the case of meshes, it is just a matter of clipping them onto a car, and in the case of vents, they are glued, adhered, or attached with small bolts to a car.

Meshes and vents can be both useful and also provide aesthetic appeal to a vehicle. These parts usually enhance the appearance of a car, and serve a functional purpose. Since they can be both functional and enhance the appearance of a car, it is important to have an idea of where and how to attach them. When buying car meshes and vents on eBay, there are a few things that one must consider. To begin, it is important to know what car meshes and car vents are, then where to place these items once they are purchased, and finally, how to purchase these items for a specific car on eBay.

What Are Car Meshes and Vents?

Both car meshes and vents can be functional or decorative. Many people use meshes and vents for both utilitarian and aesthetic reasons. A mesh can cover a vent, or a vent cover can be placed over a mesh to make it even more secure against the different elements and insects that can become stuck and clog the vents of a car.

Car Meshes

There are a few different definitions of a car mesh. A mesh can be a vent cover, or a mesh can be used to hold things in the back of an automobile or pickup truck. Some meshes also cover the grill of a car to keep insects and debris out of the radiator and grill. Many of these are convertible from one use to another. Each of these mesh-type covers can be an accent to the car or a functional piece of equipment to keep objects secure and free of debris. There are a great many styles of car mesh. They come in all colours and sizes. They can stretch across a tailgate, or they can block a 4-inch vent on a sports car. In order to purchase one of these meshes, a buyer simply has to go to eBay and enter the terms "car mesh" into the search box, and then click search.


Car vents are important to allow an engine to breathe, allow exhaust to escape, boost power, and to direct air into the interior of a car. Car vents and vent covers come in quite a few colours, styles, and decorations. Many people use these vents and vent covers as decorations to make their automobile unique. Others use vents and vent covers to cover an exposed vent, or to hide a mesh that has been placed over a vent. It is fairly easy to search for vents and vent covers on the auction website, eBay. All that a buyer has to do is type in the keywords "car vent" or "car vent cover", and a list of vents and vent covers is populated.

There is a vast selection of vents, vent covers, and meshes available for most of today's cars. Most of these are decorative or unusual. Sometimes something as simple as a vent or mesh can personalise a car. Personalisation is a way to make a car more of one's own.

Vent Covers With Meshes

Some manufacturers produce vent covers with meshes, which both cover a vent and allow it to breathe. These are often highly decorative and often include logos and other designs. Some of these are sold with designs displaying favourite sports teams, flames, skulls, as well as flowers and other patterns. These vent and mesh combinations are often more for visual effect than for protection, although they do provide a minimum amount of protection depending on how wide a mesh is. If placing an order for a car vent or mesh on eBay, simply type "car vent with mesh" into the search box, and click search or hit enter.

Most of the different types of meshes and vents are easy to install, and either fit over an existing vent or mesh, or completely replace one. When ordering a vent, vent cover, or mesh, make sure that it does not damage a vehicle. If it does, as some glued vents and meshes tend to cause damage, make sure the damage is repairable without being overly costly. It is important to remember that glues, bolts, screws, and even magnets can eventually damage the finish on a car.

Although this damage cannot be prevented in most cases, it is good to know that the damage is correctable. Products to remove glue, fill in bolt holes, and reduce paint fade, are available to offset the damage that is done by any addition to a car. It is good to remember that in the majority of cases, once a vent or mesh is placed on a car, it remains there for the life of the car, except in the case of those made of plastic. Plastic vents and vent covers need to be replaced periodically as they fade, or the paint on them begins to chip away. Many people replace the vent or mesh that is damaged with the same type to avoid having to cover damage that was previously caused.

How to Locate Car Vents and Meshes on eBay

Locating a large selection of car vents and meshes on eBay is a very simple task. By using keywords as search terms, a buyer simply has to type a search term into the search box, and click the search button. A variety of keywords may need to be used to receive the exact results that are desired. Many times, search terms have to be modified in order to receive a well-rounded result, which is easy to accomplish.

Take the example of the generic search terms "car vents and meshes". If "car vents and meshes" is typed in by itself, a list of all car vents and meshes is populated. If the search terms are narrowed down to "BMW car vents and meshes", the search results display vents and meshes for a BMW car and possibly BMW motorcycles. The keywords can be narrowed even further by using more specific terms, such as "BMW hood vents" or "BMW grill meshes". These should provide search results that are even more specific.

Most often, more specific search terms yield results that are closer to the product that is needed. If for some reason the search is too narrow, returning little or no relevant results, the search results can be broadened by simply typing other key terms. Using a combination of keywords, or trying different combinations, can ultimately yield a result that is perfect.

Buying Car Vents and Meshes on eBay

After searching for a car vent, mesh, or combination of both that you desire, a list is presented. Browse through this list to find the exact vent, mesh, or combination that you want. Once you find one that interests you, simply click on the listing. This displays a detailed description of the product that you requested. Read the description carefully; it should also contain a picture of the vent or mesh to be purchased. On this page is the ability to purchase the item, ask the seller a question, look at the seller's feedback, and review shipping and return policies.

All of these contain important details about how the transaction is made. Make sure that you agree with the policies, and then, review the seller's feedback. Seller feedback can provide you with an idea of the experiences that other buyers have had with this particular seller. If there have been problems in the past, they are generally reported on the seller feedback page. Although not all problems are severe, or even the fault of a seller's, it is good to know which issues you may encounter when dealing with a seller. Some sellers who comply with eBay policies and have consistently good feedback are considered top sellers.


There are many different types of vents, vent covers, and meshes available on eBay for just about every type of vehicle. It is important to take the time to look at the different types and styles before choosing one for a car. If protection is desired from a vent or mesh, then searching for one that is specifically designed for protecting a vent is a good way to find one. If a decorative mesh or vent is more desirable, then this changes not only the product, but the method for how it is searched.

Most of the vents and meshes available are easily found using the search tool on the eBay website, although the keywords may need to be changed or modified to find the exact vent or mesh that is desired. A good mesh or vent can be both protective and aesthetic. It all comes down to which type of vent or mesh is purchased, where it is attached, and the function that it needs to perform. A buyer should also consider the damage that an exterior vent or mesh may cause to a car. Whether the vent is glued, bolted, or is magnetic, it can damage a clear coat or the paint colour of a car.

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