How to Buy Cheap Bridesmaids Dresses

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An invitation to be a bridesmaid is a wonderful honor. Helping someone you love rejoice on her special day is a way to be part of a celebration that you will both remember for a long time. As a bridesmaid, you will be required to wear a dress in a style chosen by the bride. Bridesmaid's dresses can be costly, especially if bought solely for a single occasion. Find a dress that won't break your budget. You'll please the bride and yourself at the same time.

1 Pick a color that is widely available. Certain colors may be more available during certain seasons. If the wedding is being held during December, red and green may be easier to find and less expensive than shades associated with spring, such as lavender and pale yellow. If the bride prefers a specific color, ask if you can choose a more widely-available shade of that color. Specially ordered fabric is often much more costly.

2 Research simpler designs. A plain bridesmaid dress with few details and a simple shape can be much cheaper than a more elaborate choice. Look for styles that have fewer parts and draw on standard dress shapes such as an A-line or drop waist. A dress with less detail will be less expensive.

3 Purchase every single dress in one store. If you're one of several bridesmaids, then buy all your dresses in the same place. A store will give often give you a discount if all members of the bridal party agree shop there. Ask other members of the bridal party, such as the ushers, maid of honor and flower girl, to shop at the specific store as well. If the store is part of a chain of stores, you may still be able to get discounts if bridal party members agree to buy dresses at the same chain.

4 Buy dresses on line. On line retailers often have a selection of bridesmaids dresses in wide variety of colors and fabrics. Purchasing dresses on line can be much cheaper than buying them at a bridal salon. If you do, look carefully at the site before buying anything. Make sure that the web site is legitimate.

Look closely at any pictures of dresses posted. The site should note the sizes available, materials used in construction, length and exact color. If you have any questions about a particular dress contact the company. Allow at least a month before the wedding to order the dress in case of problems with your order.

5 Purchase dresses at thrift stores and consignment stores. Some thrift stores receive merchandise from high-end stores. Others get gowns and other higher-priced items when someone moves or passes away. Donating a dress to a thrift shop allows the person to claim a tax deduction. Even if the dress isn't quite the right length or has minor details you dislike, you can still get it altered for less than price of buying a new bridesmaid dress.

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