How to Buy Cordless Headphones

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How to Buy Cordless Headphones

Nobody wants to be tied down while listening to their music, even if they are wearing headphones. While some corded headphones that work with tiny portable players like Ipods are easy enough to carry around, those who have to listen to their music through stereo players were simply out of luck. Furthermore, even if the player is portable, the wires to the headphones can become irritating since they tend to get stuck in clothing or rub against the neck while listening to music.

Cordless headphones are a great alternative for anyone who likes to have room to wander, while listening to their favourite music comfortably. Cordless headphones are often sold in electronic shops, and they can also be found using online websites like eBay. There are several factors to consider when buying cordless headphones, and buyers need to carefully examine each headphone for its special features, and technological limitations, before choosing a product.

Cordless Headphones Features

Besides the overall lack of a cord, there are many features that set cordless headphones apart. Choosing the right headphones depends on the buyer's personal preference when it comes to style, comfort, and musical capability. The most expensive headphones tend to have the best sound, but this does not mean that buyers cannot find an affordable headphone set that plays excellent sound levels. Learn how to sort through the technological descriptions in order to find the right cordless headphone features.

Cordless Headphone Design

Headphones come in different designs that change how they fit around the ear. Typically, the ear plug or ear bud style is the smallest, but some people find this design uncomfortable since it has to fit into the ear canal. Also, it is very rare to find cordless ear buds since most models use cords. Over-the-ear headphones are a little sturdier than ear bud headphones, and they feature a clip that slides around the upper part of the ear to pin the speaker against the ear. Again, this style also tends to be uncomfortable for people who dislike the feeling of the clips around their ears. Over-the-head headphones have two speakers connected by a curving band that is worn on top of the head. The band can be adjusted so that the speakers are pressed directly against the ear. Those who dislike the feeling of the other designs may prefer the over-the head style, but it is also the heaviest design.

Noise Reduction

Buyers who are in the market for headphones are going to see a lot of manufacturer claims about noise cancelling, and noise isolating headphones. Though both of these features reduce the overall noise that spills through the headphones, the technology behind them is very different. Noise isolating headphones are completely sealed around the ear and are easily recognisable by their big pads. It seals out all external noise so that listeners can concentrate on their music. Noise cancelling headphones, on the other hand, are not sealed against outside sound. Instead, they emit an 'anti-noise' sound that is meant to cancel out background noises like car horns, ringing phones, and other distractions. However, some people are significantly bothered by the anti-noise sound on noise cancelling headphones, to the point where they cannot listen to music on them. If a customer has never owned this type of headphone before, it is a good idea to check out the return policy before purchasing.

Driver Size and Frequency Range

Human beings can hear between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz of sound, and therefore the best cordless headphones are able to fully replicate all sound frequencies. However, it is rare to find cordless headphones that actually go as low as 20 Hz, while ranges that start around 40 or 60 Hz are much more common. Always examine frequency range that the headphones can play. Keep in mind that even if the headphones can cover most frequencies, if they lack a good driver, the music may lack in sound crispness. The driver is the amplification device that increases the sound in the headphones. 40mm is considered the low limit in size for a good driver, the best headphones usually have bigger drivers.

Cordless Headphone Technology

Since cordless headphones operate without wires they have to use some sort of wireless technology that allows them to work. There are three main types of cordless headphones: Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), and Bluetooth. Each of these types has their own pros and cons, which need to be carefully evaluated before selecting the right model. As always, the technology plays a large role in the price, so expect some models like Bluetooth headphones to be more expensive than IR headphones.

IR Headphones

IR headphones work by directly transmitting an infrared signal from the headphones to the music player. They have a very limited range of about 10 meters, which means that they can work in the same room as the music player, but not much further. Besides their limited range, they only work when they are able to directly transmit a signal to the receiver, which means that the listener usually has to sit still in front of the music player. However, multiple IR headphones can be connected to the same stereo, and since this technology is very affordable, they make a good choice for a family.

RF Headphones

RF headphones work through radio frequencies, usually on the 800 or 900 Mhz band. They have the longest range, and can even function 45 meters away from the music player. This extended range makes them a good choice to use anywhere in the house, or even outside in the backyard while doing chores. Multiple headphones might also work with the same stereo system. However, there are some limitations to RF headphones, including the fact that they are not secure.

Since these headphones share the same frequency band, anyone with the right equipment can tune in and hear whatever signals are being sent through the headphones. There is a large selection of cordless headphones on eBay, so it is best to try and limit your search by focusing on what you want in your headphones. If you want RF headphones, then search for 'RF cordless headphones' on the eBay website.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones can work with Bluetooth-enabled music players, allowing the two devices to pair up and share a signal. This creates a very secure connection between the headphone and the music player, and the signal is exceptionally strong. However, the nature of Bluetooth makes this pairing technology exclusive so that only one cordless headphone can work at a time. Bluetooth headphones also tend to be more expensive than RF or IR headphones, but customers who want the added mobility of Bluetooth without the security concerns that come with RF headphones may feel that the higher price is worth the overall cost.. There are different classes of Bluetooth headphones that affect their range.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Range (meters)

100 meters

10 meters

1 meter

Class 2, is the one commonly sold in stores. Class 1 headphones, are typically only used for industrial purposes and can be very difficult to find.

Buying Cordless Headphones on eBay

When it comes to purchasing either new or used cordless headphones, eBay is the place to find the widest selection. Smart shoppers know that it always pays off to start their search on eBay, as there are a seemingly endless supply of options to choose from.

New vs. Used Cordless Headphones on eBay

If you want to see what kind of savings you can find with used headphones, then do a search for 'used cordless headphones' on eBay. This returns all results for used merchandise, so it is a good idea to make note of the asking price of a used headphone, and then compare it to the price the model sold for when it was brand new. Sometimes you can find used headphones that only cost a fraction of their initial price. However, always be careful to examine the condition of the headphones through the item description and picture before placing a bid on any type of used merchandise.

Searching for Cordless Headphones on eBay

If you want noise reducing headphones, then search for 'cordless noise reduction headphones'. You can also combine terms together to get very narrow results, but if you cannot get a match, then you probably need to revise your search terms.


Cordless headphones are a fantastic invention that allows anyone to listen to their music without the pain of being tied down to a cord. There are several things that buyers should pay attention to when purchasing new headphones, including their features and technology. Headphone features include: their overall design, noise reduction elements, and technical specifications. A wise customer should pay attention to all of these aspects before choosing a headphone.

Technology also plays a pivotal role in wireless headphones, so buyers need to understand the difference between the three main types of cordless headphones. Weigh the pros and cons of the wireless technology before deciding which one works best for each individual situation. Once a choice is made, eBay is a fantastic venue for buying both new and used headphones. Buyers can quickly find a pair of high quality headphones at a price they can afford when utilising the right tools.

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