How to Buy Dog Food for Your Overweight Dog

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How to Buy Dog Food for Your Overweight Dog

Obesity is a problem not just for people but also for pets, and dogs are no exception to this unfortunate trend in society. Fat is definitely not fit for dogs as well as for humans, and dogs too can be prone to familiar health problems associated with excess weight, such as heart disease, diabetes and painful joints. Various eBay products are designed to get the weight down.

It’s easy to tell whether a dog is overweight just by looking at it. A dog should have a fairly streamlined shape, not quite hourglass in most cases but definitely on the slim side, and a definite waist should be identifiable rather than a mere block of a dog. The ribs should be able to be felt even through the layers of fat and muscle, and if this is not the case then the dog is overweight or even obese.

When it is obvious that a dog needs to lose some weight, the first step is often to have a weigh-in at the local vet. This will help discount any possible underlying health issues that may be responsible for the weight gain, and it will also be an opportunity to do some rough calculations about how much weight needs to be lost.

Once a dog has reached maturity, the vet will be able to tell you what its optimal weight should be. In general, if the dog is 15 per cent over this then it is technically overweight. Weight loss through special dog food bought on eBay and an exercise regime are often sufficient to solve the problem.

On eBay there are numerous specialist dog food which is specifically aimed at getting that unattractive and potentially unhealthy weight down and promote the health of obese dogs.

Weighing In

All dogs should be weighed on a regular basis, perhaps weekly or monthly, to make sure that nothing is going awry in the weight department. This is also good for checking for any health issues that may be expressing themselves through an increase or decrease in weight. The vet will usually be happy to allow anyone to use the office scales, or smaller dogs can be weighed at home using a set of baby scales.

Regardless of how and where it’s being done, the same scales should be used for all subsequent weighing, for the sake of consistency, along with an appropriate dietary regime.

Breed Specificity

Some breeds of dog are more prone to obesity than others. German Shepherds, Greyhounds and Yorkshire Terriers tend to be naturally slim dogs, whereas the ones on this list have a propensity to become overweight:

  • Cairn Terriers
  • Labradors
  • Scottish Terriers
  • Basset Hounds
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Newfoundlands
  • Saint Bernards
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cutting the Calories

The vet should be consulted before introducing any changes in a dog’s diet. First off, get a weigh-in and check for any underlying health problems. To actually start getting the weight down the dog needs to increase the amount of energy it gets through, which can be done through a vigorous exercise plan, and to reduce the amount of energy it takes in, which is done through feeding it lighter dog food available from eBay. Reducing the intake of calories is the name of the game here, as these can cause, as in humans, a range of health problems:


Caused by malfunctioning glands


Painful joint conditions

Heart disease

Can lead to stroke

Immune dysfunction

Makes the dog more prone to illness

High blood pressure

Can lead to heart attack

Cancerous tumours

The dog may have to be put to sleep

Lung disorders

Can lead to other complications

For a start, scraps from the table and occasional treats should be rigorously cut out as these are characteristically high in calorie content. To reduce the seductive begging behaviour, the dog can be fed more regularly than normal on smaller portions, which will have the effect of reducing hunger between meals.

The Lighter Diet

Specially formulated lighter dog food is available from eBay, and these have a much lower fat content than regular dog food products. At the same time, these foods are enriched with all the essential nutrients that the dog needs for a full and active life. Feeding the dog these types of foods can be seen as essential rationing, ridding it of excess weight without damaging its health, and the polar opposite of starvation tactics.

When after this regime of feeding the dog starts returning to its ideal and recommended weight the relative quantities of specialised dog food from eBay fed to it can be adjusted to stabilise the situation.

Food to Reduce Weight

Switching to a lighter form of food is usually preferred by owners who don’t want to actually reduce the volume of food they feed to their dog or increase the times between meals. These tactics often make the owner feel guilty and the dog sensing that it is being mistreated. The root problem behind the dog obesity issue is the fact that their owners can’t resist feeding their animals whenever they whine, so carrying on with normal feeding habits is probably the best idea. eBay has a range of ‘lite’ dog foods which are ideal for this.

So even eating at the same volume and rate the dog will effectively be eating less, and this can be helped by adding bulk in the form of high-fibre, low-calorie dog food from eBay to its plate. These can include ingredients such as plain canned pumpkins, canned green beans with low sodium content and steamed fresh green beans. By doing this, the dog will still have the sensation of a full stomach without the usual attendant gain in calories.


A dog diet can truly be said to have begun for real when the usual intake of calories has been reduced by about a third or a half. Be assured that despite all the pitiful looks the dog will not be starving by any means, especially when its bowl has been filled out with the high-fibre food from eBay mentioned above.

Remember too that the amounts of ingredients listed on the bag or can from eBay are merely a starting point. Dogs like people are individuals and the quantities they need to eat will depend on a range of factors, from inclination and metabolism to age and the amount of exercise they get, as well as environmental factors such as the climate. What this entails is that after the excess weight has been got rid of the amount of specialist food should be continually adjusted until the right amount is found that will effectively sustain a healthy constant weight.


An overweight dog is not a happy or healthy one and the calories need to be shed through a variety of strategies, with weight-reducing dog food from eBay and exercise the most important ones after the vet has discounted any underlying health issues.

Even if the dog has no health problems which are causing the weight gain, the very fact that it is putting excess pounds on will mean that it is more prone to weight-related illness in the near future.

On eBay these is a great range of dog foods on offer which are designed specifically to get the canine weight down and back to optimal levels for that breed, all available at competitive prices.

These specialised dog food from eBay tend to be high in fibre and low in calories, to tackle the immediate issue of too much weight gain. However, they may require mixing with bulkier foods such as steamed green beans to vary the diet and to give the dog the sense that it is still being fed adequately.

Snacks and treats should be avoided unless they also are designed to reduce weight, in which case dog treats as found on eBay can be a valuable addition to the dog’s dietary regime. If the dog shares the house with a family, all members need to be told not to feed it any leftovers from the table, no matter how miserable and pleading it may look.

The whole point of the exercise is to get the overweight dog back to its optimal weight and allow it to have a more fulfilling and active life as a result. Being temporarily cruel to be kind in the long run is worth a minimal break in the daily routine.

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