How to Buy Door Parts for a Volkswagen Polo

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How to Buy Door Parts for a Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is a versatile car that is ideal for just about anyone. Available as a hatchback, saloon, estate, or crossover, this subcompact car is roomy and efficient. As with any car, doors are essential components. Without the doors, people would not be able to get into and out of their cars or load gear into the boots of their vehicles. If something on the door breaks, it becomes difficult to use the door as intended. For this reason, people look for parts to make repairs to their car doors when necessary. Shopping for parts for a Volkswagen Polo does not have to be difficult. Shoppers simply need to know what they are looking for and where to look. First, the buyer needs to identify the model of the Volkswagen Polo that he or she owns and what door parts are compatible with that particular model. Whether making the repair himself or hiring a mechanic to do the work, the owner of a Volkswagen Polo can find a sizeable selection of door parts on eBay.

Learn About the Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is a subcompact or supermini car that is manufactured by Volkswagen. It was first released in 1975 and since then there have been five subsequent generations. These cars are small, efficient, and powerful. Several models have been enhanced for motorsport performance. The Volkswagen Polo is a versatile car that offers convenience for drivers of all types. Because of its popularity, it is easy for shoppers to locate the door parts necessary to make repairs.

Volkswagen Polo Body Styles and Models

Volkswagen has released five generations of the Polo since it was first introduced in 1975. Each generation offered a new look. The first generations of the Volkswagen Polo were two-door saloons, but as the cars became more popular, different body styles were introduced. The various body styles as well as the models are listed in the table below.

Number of Doors

Body Styles




Mark I, Mark IF, Mark II, Mark IIF



All models available in this body style



Mark III, Mark IIIF, Mark IV, Mark IVF, Mark V


hatchback, estate, crossover

Mark III, Mark IIIF, Mark IV, Mark IVF, Mark V,


Some models received a facelift midway through their model year. These models are denoted by the 'F' following the mark number. While older models were only available in saloon or hatchback body styles, the latest models are available in hatchback, estate, and crossover styles. Because these body styles are very different, it is important for Polo owners to determine the type of car they have before purchasing any car door parts.

Identify Parts of the Car Door

Before shoppers can buy parts for their Volkswagen Polo car doors, they need to be able to identify which parts they need and how these parts function. This makes it easier to find the parts that fit and replace any other related parts. While the passenger doors require different parts than the doors for the hatchback, many of the parts function in much the same way.

Door Handle

Door handles for passenger doors can be found on the inside and outside of the passenger doors and just on the outside of the hatch door. These handles are made from plastic or rubber, depending on the model and year, and their function is to unlatch the door. When the door handle is pulled, it disengages the door latch so that the door can swing open. It is important to replace door handles when they break as these are used to enter and exit the vehicle.

Door Hinge

The door hinge is the part where the door and the body of the car meet. These hinges are necessary for the door to open and close. Additionally, it is the only part that is secured to the vehicle at all times to prevent the door from coming off entirely. Without the door hinges, the door could not swing outward. It is common for the hinges to become rusty or stuck to a point where it is difficult or impossible to open the door. Parts for the door hinge can be replaced without having to replace the entire door.

Door Lock

A number of different types of door locks exist for cars. The lock itself has several components as well. The door lock cylinder is found on the inside of the car. Depending on the model of the Volkswagen Polo, the design of the door locks may vary. This lock may be near the door handle or it may be at the base of the window. When pressed down or pulled up, the door can be locked and unlocked. On the outside of the car, the doors are locked and unlocked using the keys.

Window Crank

The window crank is found on the interior of the car. It is a knob with a handle attached to the door. When the crank is turned around, it rolls the window up and down. Window cranks are only present in Volkswagen Polos that have manual windows.

Window Regulator

The window regulator is the motor that raises and lowers the windows in those Volkswagen Polos that have power windows. The regulator has several components that allow it to function. These components are the linkages and spur gears. A metal plate is also in place to support the glass.


A few different types of moulding are available for car doors on the Volkswagen Polo. The first type is common on the outside of the door. This thin strip of rubber runs across the door and prevents it from getting dings from other car doors or other objects striking the door. When this becomes worn out, it can easily be removed and replaced. Another moulding is found on the edge of the car door and cushions the door when it is closed. It also provides insulation to prevent water from getting inside the car through a closed door.

Choose Placement on the Car

When choosing parts for a car door, it is sometimes necessary to choose the placement on the car. For example, door handles for rear doors do not work on passenger doors. Likewise, door handles for the inside of the passenger side door do not work for driver side doors. When searching for parts for a car door, a shopper can often target his search by specifying which door requires parts. This can help to reduce the time it takes to find the necessary parts.

New vs. Used Door Parts for a Volkswagen Polo

Because of the popularity of the Volkswagen Polo, it should not be difficult for shoppers to find both new and used parts for their doors. Buying new parts directly from the manufacturer ensures that they are in perfect condition and have no signs of wear and tear. However, shopping for used car door parts is an easy way for people to save money. This is especially important when it comes to expensive parts like the window regulator. These parts can be found in scrap yards and sourced from private sellers, often for much lower prices when compared to brand new parts. It takes a bit more time to locate quality used parts because a shopper must take the time to inspect the part to ensure that it meets his her standards before buying it. In many cases, the extra savings is worth the extra time.

How to Buy Door Parts on eBay

If you are looking for great deals on parts for your Volkswagen Polo or looking for hard-to-find parts for an older model, then you can find everything that you need on eBay. Sellers from all over the UK list their parts on eBay to reach a wide range of buyers. Likewise, this increases the search area for shoppers so that they are not limited to items for sale in their immediate locations. Since many of the door parts are used and from private sellers, you can often find much lower prices than you would anywhere else. To do this, you should know how to use all of the search features on eBay.

Search for Door Parts

A search bar is located on every eBay page to make it easy to perform a search or start a new search. Simply enter keywords to describe the part that you need into this bar. Try to be specific so that you are not left with thousands of search results to sort through. Once the initial results are returned, select different options to narrow down the list to items that specifically meet your criteria. You can also sort the results to show those listings that are priced lower or items listed by sellers located near to where you live. From there, begin reading the descriptions and looking at pictures of the Volkswagen Polo car door parts to decide which parts you want to purchase.


Car doors are essential parts of a car, and they make it easy to get into and out of the car. When part of the car breaks or does not work correctly, the car door becomes difficult to open. For example, if the window crank or regulator is broken, then trying to put the window up in the rain can be difficult. Likewise, having a window stuck in the up position on a hot day can be very uncomfortable. For this reason, many people look for ways to repair their car doors to ensure that they function properly. Fortunately for Volkswagen Polo owners, their vehicles are extremely popular. This means that finding new and used door parts to repair a malfunctioning car door is simple. By identifying the type of car that they have, as well as the parts that they need, they should have no problem finding the parts in a scrapyard, or sourcing parts from a store or from a private seller. To make the search even easier and to find the best deals on the necessary parts, Volkswagen Polo owners should consider shopping on  eBay.

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