How to Buy Egyptian Cotton Bedding

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How to Buy Egyptian Cotton Bedding

With an established reputation of being the best type of cotton in the world, Egyptian cotton is soft and durable and has several additional characteristics that set it apart from other natural fibres. Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to bedding mostly because it is perfect for any season. The long fibres of this cotton often result in high thread counts, which makes sheets and pillowcases more durable than those made of other types of cotton.

When shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding, buyers should pay attention to several characteristics, including the thread count, style, and size. Buyers can look for the ideal Egyptian cotton bedding either in local department stores or online on websites such as eBay, where they can browse a large selection and choose their ideal bedding from hundreds of styles. Being well informed about the benefits of Egyptian cotton and various Egyptian cotton bedding styles is a great way to make a suitable purchase for one’s bedroom.

Brief History of Egyptian Cotton

The history of Egyptian cotton goes back to prehistoric times, when the cotton plant began to be harvested on the banks of the River Nile. However, given that the native cotton of Egypt was not of very high quality, it began to be blended with Ethiopian cotton in the mid-19th century. The new type of Egyptian cotton started to be traded in 1865 and the crops gradually increased in quality as improvements to the irrigation systems were accomplished.

Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of the greatest products of Egypt for the last three centuries and is nowadays grown extensively throughout the entire Egyptian territory. Egyptian cotton comes in different qualities, with the better fibres being exported worldwide. The cotton is hand picked to this day and since no chemicals and pesticides are used for treating it, Egyptian cotton is softer and priced higher than its counterparts because of its special fibre structure.

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has not taken the reputation of being the best cotton in the world without good reason. There are several characteristics that set it apart from other similar types of fibres. Firstly, the length of the fibre makes it easy to obtain a high thread count without sacrificing any of the strength. Next, the strength of the fibre makes Egyptian cotton bedding more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

As Egyptian cotton can absorb liquids very well, bedding made from this fabric features colours that are more intense and resistant. Egyptian cotton is always hand picked and the lack of any mechanical process leads to maintaining a high degree of purity, because this technique places no constraint on the fibres. Egyptian cotton enables aeration, which means sheets and pillowcases made from this fabric allow the natural heat of the human body to control the temperature in bed. Lastly, bedding made from Egyptian cotton is less prone to wrinkling than other types of sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding Types

When shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding, there are several types of items to buy, including fitted or flat sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. All these can be purchased separately or as part of a set. Buyers who are in the market for some new Egyptian cotton bedding should take into account things such as the size of their bed, season, and colour preferences before making their choice. Buyers should also take into account that Egyptian cotton bedding is often slightly more expensive than synthetic materials or bed sheets made from other types of cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

As duvets cannot be easily washed, duvet covers are one of the most useful bedding items one should own. Duvet covers made from Egyptian cotton are durable and they can be easily laundered along with the pillowcases and sheets. Buyers can either opt for simple duvet covers or for reversible ones, which feature coordinating colours and patterns that allow them to change the look of their bedroom without actually redecorating. Egyptian cotton duvet covers can be bought as part of a bedding set together with the pillowcases, or individually.

Egyptian Cotton Flat Sheets

Egyptian cotton flat sheets only require a low level of maintenance and they provide the user with a soft feel, which is mostly due to the high thread count of the cotton. Flat sheets are available in different sizes, ranging from single to super king size and they can be purchased separately or as part of a set in coordinating colours and patterns. The main advantages of buying Egyptian cotton flat sheets include their durability and comfort.

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are used for covering the mattress on a bed and, unlike flat sheets, they often feature elastic sewn into the corners in order to allow them to stay in place. Just like duvet covers or flat sheets, Egyptian cotton fitted sheets can be purchased separately or as part of a set. When shopping for fitted sheets made from Egyptian cotton, buyers should pay attention to the size and thickness of their mattress, as it sometimes may be difficult to find the ideal one from the first try.

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

Egyptian cotton pillowcases come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and buyers should pay attention to the size and shape of their pillows when shopping for new pillowcases. Whether they are looking for standard, square, or cuffed pillowcases, sizing is the most important aspect to take into account. Pillowcases made from Egyptian cotton offer a soft touch and great comfort for a good night's sleep.

Finding Egyptian Cotton Bedding in the Right Size

Different bed sizes require different types of sheets and duvet covers and buyers should pay attention to these details when shopping for new Egyptian cotton bedding. Choosing bedding in the right size is important not just for the looks of the bedroom, but for one’s comfort as well, as sleeping in a bed with ill-fitting sheets can be highly unpleasant. The table below offers some sizing guidelines that may prove useful when selecting Egyptian cotton bedding.

Bed Size

Fitted Sheet (cm)

Flat Sheet (cm)

Duvet Cover (cm)


90 x 190 x 20

180 x 260

135 x 200


140 x 190 x 20

220 x 260

200 x 200


160 x 200 x 20

265 x 275

225 x 220

Super King

180 x 200 x 20

280 x 290

260 x 220

Buyers should remember that it is also essential to check out things such as the thickness of the mattress when shopping for new Egyptian cotton bedding. Even if most bedding comes in standard sizes, some thicker mattresses may require a larger size, so it is important to take this into account.

How to Buy Egyptian Cotton Bedding on eBay

One of the easiest way to shop for Egyptian cotton bedding is on eBay because it offers an unparalleled selection of sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets sets. Given the wide variety of options you have to choose from, it is important to consider some basic things first, such as the size of your bed and the colour scheme of the bedroom before starting your search for new Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay.

When shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay, there are two ways of starting browsing the selection. You can either type "Egyptian cotton bedding" in the eBay’s search bar (or variations according to what you are looking for in particular, i.e. "Egyptian cotton fitted sheet"), or you can browse through the categories until you reach the section you are interested in. Either way, it is very easy to find the ideal Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay.

You need to pay close attention to the sizing information and product descriptions when shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay, in order to avoid sending the items back because they are not the right fit. If you want to save some money on delivery fees, you could make sure the seller is located in your area, because this way the fees are usually lower. Shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay is quick and fun and you can generally find what you need in a matter of minutes, just take a look at the Home & Garden section.


Egyptian cotton bedding has the reputation of being the finest one can buy and, for this reason, it is very popular with buyers of all ages. The main benefits of using bedding made from this fabric include its durability, moisture absorbency, and comfort. Whether one is looking for duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases, or all of these, there are numerous places that stock them, either on the high-street or online.

eBay has a large selection of different types of Egyptian cotton bedding and the search on the website is always a pleasant and easy one. By choosing to buy Egyptian cotton bedding on eBay, one can save time and money, besides making the most out of the massive selection offered on the website. Many buyers prefer to have multiple sets of Egyptian cotton bedding for different bedrooms and occasions and eBay is the ideal place to find them in various styles and colours.

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