How to Buy Farming and Agricultural Supplies on eBay

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How to Buy Farming and Agricultural Supplies on eBay

Farming has been one of the main sources of food for humans since prehistoric times. Since early on, human beings have worked the soil to produce crops to feed themselves and others. Farming on a large scale has become one of the common means of providing large quantities of food for the ever-expanding population. As time progresses, so do the technology and tools that farmers use to plough the earth and reap the harvest.

Individuals who are searching for farming and agricultural supplies have many options available to them. However, this type of equipment can be hard to find, especially if one lives in an urban area, and the equipment can be somewhat expensive. An online retailer such as eBay aims to make farming and agricultural supplies easier to find, and at affordable prices. By understanding the various tools and supplies available on eBay and utilising the website's search tools to find great deals, consumers can expect to save money when they shop for agricultural supplies.

Categories of Agricultural Supplies

Different categories of farming and agricultural areas require specialised equipment. Farming is a broad activity that encompasses many separate smaller activities that are designed to produce food and agricultural goods. Each of these smaller specialties requires different pieces of equipment and supplies in order to achieve the desired results. When people look for agricultural supplies on eBay, they are generally searching for items that fall under one of the categories listed below.


Tractors are the backbone of the farming and agricultural industry. Without tractors, there is no ability to farm on a large scale, and the work of a farmer takes much longer to accomplish. Tractors enabled farmers to move from cultivating small plots of land with the horse-drawn plough to being able to farm and harvest several thousand acres with the use of one tractor. Tractors and other mechanised equipment have enabled farmers to make much more productive use of their time and generate more from their farms without having to increase time and effort. While purchasing a tractor on eBay does not make farming easy, it can dramatically help to increase productivity and make the farmers' time much more efficient.

Soil Cultivation

Soil cultivation is the turning over of the soil in order to prepare it for seed planting. Prior to the use of herbicides, tillers and cultivators were used to remove weeds from the soil prior to planting. While this is still the case, to a degree, the main benefit of soil cultivation is to loosen the top layer of the soil to make it easier for seedlings to take root and grow. Cultivated soil is also easier to water and accepts sunlight and moisture more readily than hard-packed soil. While smaller plots can be tilled with handheld tillers, larger farms make use of large cultivators that are pulled by tractors. These devices can plough 6-m sections of soil in one pass and make cultivating large parcels of land quick and efficient.


Fertilising is necessary to instill nutrients into the soil to help plants grow. Soil normally contains certain nutrients that plants need to grow, but these nutrients can be depleted as soil is used over and over again to grow plants. Fertiliser not only refreshes the nutrient levels of soil, but it also enhances the levels to the point where more plants can grow to larger size in less time. Fertilising is accomplished by pulling specialised spreaders behind tractors. These spreaders literally throw the fertilisers out into the cultivated soil and are absorbed after the soil is irrigated. There are many different fertiliser supplies available through eBay.


Irrigation is the foundation of farming. Without irrigation, soil eventually dries out and becomes useless for farming. Irrigation is the method used to introduce moisture into the soil in order to promote healthy plant growth. There are many different types of irrigation systems, and they vary from region to region, depending upon the needs of the specific area. Irrigation can comprise various techniques such as drip systems, different forms of sprinklers, sub-irrigation beneath the soil, and direct irrigation by redirecting streams and rivers. eBay offers a wide range of these products, in different sizes, materials, and types.


Planting seeds is one of the more important aspects of farming. Different methods can be used to disperse seeds into the fields, and there are various patterns that are used. Rows and grid patterns are cultivated into the soil to help the seedlings get more light and to help during the harvesting of the plants. Seed spreaders come in different forms and sizes, all of which can be found using the shopping tools available on eBay. When looking for planting supplies, buyers should keep in mind the size of their plots and how they can introduce the seeds to the soil efficiently and cost-effectively.


The harvest is a significant point of the agricultural year, because it is the payoff for all the hard work done. Harvesting is the process that is used to gather crops that are ready for picking. It is performed at the end of the growing season and is the result of all the work done to prepare and produce the plants and crops grown on a farm. Depending on the size of the land, harvesting is accomplished with the use of machines that can accomplish the job in a small amount of time. Harvesting equipment and supplies can range in size and complexity, but they all can be found on eBay by utilising the website's search tools.

Agricultural Equipment at a Glance

Each stage of the farming process is accomplished using various types of supplies and equipment to make the process as efficient as possible for the farmer. The types of equipment or supplies that are more often used are listed according to the stage or category of farming that they are used for. Many of these items can be found on eBay by searching in the relevant categories provided.


Supplies and Equipment Used


Two-wheel drive; four-wheel drive; track tractors; backhoe; front loader; skid-steer loader


Cultivator; ploughs; harrows; power tillers; rotary tillers; spades; pickers; rakes; rotators; rollers


Fertiliser spreaders; slurry spreaders; sprayers; mulchers


Drip irrigators; sprinklers; centre pivot sprinklers; lateral move sprinklers; wheel line sprinklers; sub-irrigation


Broadcast seeder; planter; seed drills


Bailers; harvesters; combines; conveyors; carts; pickers; cradles; millers; flails; mowers; rakes; reapers; hullers; scythes; sickles; threshers

There are many other variations to the list of tools, machines, and supplies needed to properly manage a farm, and there is such a vast array of farming tools available to the farmer that it is impossible to list all of them. Many of these implements can be located on eBay by searching for a tool in the categories related to agriculture and farming.

Buying Farming and Agricultural Supplies on eBay

Once you have determined the types of farming and agricultural supplies you wish to purchase, the next step is to locate the various items on eBay. The website has powerful search tools that aim to make this process easy. Start your search at the eBay home page, and enter a search term, such as "agriculture", into the search box. This typically produces a large list of available items that can match this search term. If you need to narrow the search results to a more direct and manageable number, you can refine the search by selecting from various subcategories, such as 'Tractors' and 'Farm Implements & Equipment'. If you know exactly what you are looking for, such as "New Holland tractors", then you can enter that search term into the search box, and eBay returns the listings pertaining to that product.

Verify the Seller's Background

Once you have settled on the item you wish to purchase, it is important to take some time to review the seller's feedback and rating prior to committing to the purchase. The eBay community utilises ratings to judge how sellers perform during their transactions. This information is available to future buyers to help them determine whether or not they want to do business with specific sellers. Alternatively, you can choose to do business with only eBay's Top-rated sellers. These sellers have earned this status as a result of their consistent delivery of quality products and services.


Farming has been the method by which mankind has sustained itself through the centuries. Agriculture, the study of the soil and learning how to produce crops, has occupied an important role in cultures. Farmers have gone from tilling the soil by horse and plough to clearing and preparing thousands of acres at a time with heavy mechanised machinery and tools that make the process more efficient. Modern farmers can produce more with less effort because of the many farming and agricultural supplies available to them.

The Internet has changed how farmers shop for and purchase their agriculture supplies through websites such as eBay. Online retailers like eBay allow people to quickly compare items and prices and keep track of deals available on the products they need. Shopping on eBay has revolutionised the farming and agricultural supply purchases for many farmers by helping them easily find what they need and save a great deal of money at the same time.

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