How to Buy Genuine Harley Davidson Parts

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How to Buy Genuine Harley Davidson Parts

Harley Davidson is one of the most famous motorcycle brands in the world and specialises in the production of heavyweight motorcycles with 700cc or higher engines. The company name is often abbreviated to HD, or Harley, and parts are sold under both names. Buyers can purchase parts everywhere from used shops, registered Harley Davidson retailers, to online retailers that offer a range of different Harley Davidson parts.

Some stores offer imitation or fake parts and many sellers tend to label anything that works on a Harley as 'Harley Davidson', even if the part is not genuine. However, any buyer who wants to purchase genuine parts for either authenticity, brand, or quality reasons should learn to recognise genuine Harley Davidson parts before making a purchase. There are several aspects buyers should evaluate to be able to tell genuine parts from imitation ones, and to choose between the two.

Why Choose Genuine Harley Davidson Parts?

Genuine Harley Davidson parts are often constructed according to the quality and appearance standards of Harley Davidson manufacturers. While some parts produced in earlier years were not held to quality standards, Harley Davidson actively enforces standards for production methods as well as quality of materials. Genuine parts also reflect the brand and appearance of the bike, which can further raise its value. Another consideration for many buyers is that genuine parts are more authentic, especially for use in restoring a bike.

Choosing Harley Davidson Parts

Most buyers should search for the exact make and model of their motorcycle as well as the product number if applicable. The make and model of the motorcycle includes the year. For example, '2002 Softail Heritage Classic' would be an appropriate make and model. Importantly, exterior bike parts are not normally interchangeable across bikes but some engine parts may be.

Harley Davidson Engine Parts

Engine parts are always labelled in the Harley Davidson parts catalogue, which can sometimes be acquired from either the Harley Davidson website or a local retailer. Some parts might also be listed in the owner's manual that originally came with the bike. Most genuine Harley Davidson parts are stamped with a part number although it is not always possible to find and purchase parts according to this number. In many cases buyers can simply search for necessary parts with their bike model, such as '125 CC Lifan Heritage LF125 piston'. Importantly, many shops can locate parts or order them, and online stores are more likely to have a selection of new and used options already available.

Harley Davidson Body Parts

Body parts should always be purchased from Harley Davidson because they are visible and directly affect the look and feel of the motorcycle. For example, parts made for a Roadster can be significantly different than those made for a Softail. Buyers should check the model numbers, issue, size, and colouring to ensure that the parts are genuine. Purchasing used options can be a great way to purchase genuine exterior body parts for Harley Davidson motorcycle models that are no longer in production. Body parts include covers, handlebars and foot rests, chrome parts, seat pipes, wheels and rims, and more.

Ensuring Harley Davidson Parts are Genuine

There are a couple of easy ways to check to ensure parts are genuine. For example, all modern Harley Davidson parts are equipped with a catalogue or parts number. Most dealers selling factory condition or new parts are registered or licensed Harley Davidson sellers. Most boxes, tags, and stamps also include the Harley Davidson logo accompanied by the bar and shield logo with a parts number.

Check for the Harley Davidson Logo

The Harley Davidson logo is normally stamped onto the rear of most parts, or stamped onto a small plate affixed to the front of very large parts such as the engine. Very small parts such as cam rings and gear valves might not be fitted with the logo, but any larger parts are. The Harley Davidson logo includes either the actual shield and bar logo, the wings and bar logo, or the words 'Harley Davidson' accompanied by a 'registered' R mark to certify that the part was made by a licensed factory.

Check the Harley Davidson Parts Number

Most Harley Davidson parts come with a unique catalogue or parts number. This number is given to individual engine parts as well as to accessories and body parts. New items are always given a number for identification and many large parts such as cams actually have the parts number stamped into the back so that it can be easily identified and replaced. The old form of part classification is found on any parts produced before 2013. Standard parts labelled using this method feature a seven-digits number with the first five numbers specifying the part and the second two numbers specifying the year. An example of this number is 45733-48. Importantly, small parts such as seals, washers, gaskets, and other items only have a five part number with no indication of year of release.

The new method of part labelling was released in December of 2012 and uses a new classification system. The new system uses a three-digit part type code and a five-digit index number, and may or may not include an alphabetical suffix to indicate colour or size. An example of this part classification type is 34500008.

Ask Questions

It is always important to ask questions before purchasing a Harley Davidson part. Whether making the purchase online or offline, buyers should consider asking the seller if the part is genuine Harley Davidson, if the part features a Harley Davidson parts number, what make and model the part is made for, and what is the condition of the part. Any new Harley Davidson parts should include the logo or a box with the logo and a catalogue identification number on the box. Asking if the item is new or used, and if comes in its original packaging, can also help to prevent accidentally purchasing a non-genuine Harley Davidson part.

Purchase from Licensed Harley Davidson Dealers

Anyone who wants to purchase new genuine Harley Davidson parts can consider purchasing from a Harley Davidson registered or licensed dealer. These dealers are around the globe and sell parts made at a Harley Davidson approved factory. In most cases, these parts are more expensive because they are the real deal rather than a fake or imitation part. Licensed sellers typically sell only new parts although some might sell used parts from their own motorcycles as well. Registered sellers can be found in shops and stores as well as online sites.

Buying New or Used Genuine Harley Davidson Parts

Another consideration for buyers looking for genuine Harley Davidson parts is whether they would like to purchase new or used parts. Used parts are often easy to identify and are rarely mislabelled as 'Harley Davidson' when they are not. However, some older parts are not labelled using the catalogue or parts number system and might not include the stamp to indicate Harley Davidson. In this case, it can be difficult to ascertain whether the part is genuine or not but for the most part, old parts are not sold as imitations. Limitations include that used parts might be dirty, more likely to malfunction, or simply not have Harley Davidson brand verification.

New parts have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Some parts are not available for older bikes, new parts are more expensive, and can be more difficult to obtain. On the other hand, new parts are cleaner, in better condition, and can often be purchased directly from a Harley Davidson licensed retailer. Buyers should compare the advantages and disadvantages of both new and used parts before making a decision.

Buying Genuine Harley Davidson Parts on eBay

eBay is home to a range of genuine Harley Davidson parts including new and used options. With exterior and engine parts available, buyers can choose almost anything they like on the site. Usually, you can simply search for the part you are looking for to find it on the site. Consider specifying the part number or the make and model of the Harley Davidson to bring up compatible parts.

Checking to see if parts are genuine should involve reading the description, checking any photos available, and discussing options with the eBay seller. Some sellers who have new items listed might be eBay authorised sellers for Harley Davidson parts, which guarantees that the parts are genuine Harley Davidson. You might also want to consider checking the location of the part, especially if it is a heavy item such as cams, an engine, or parts of a frame, because shipping might be expensive.


Harley Davidson is famous around the world but many of the parts sold for Harley Davidson motorcycles are not genuine, meaning they are not produced by Harley Davidson. As a result, buyers who would like to purchase genuine parts should consider checking the items before purchasing, in order to verify their authenticity. Most genuine parts include a Harley Davidson logo, registered trademark 'R', and in most cases a parts number, which tends to vary according to the year the part was produced.

Buyers can choose to purchase parts at registered Harley Davidson shops as well as at online stores including eBay. Important decisions for purchasing genuine parts include choosing between new and used parts based on the budget and the model of the bike if the motorcycle is no longer in production. Using all of the above considerations, buyers can find and purchase genuine Harley Davidson parts from shops and online stores.

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