How to Buy Kawasaki Body Parts

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How to Buy Kawasaki Body Parts

Kawasaki body parts include a range of items intended for the body and frame of a Kawasaki motorcycle. Parts can be purchased and replaced to fix a break or worn out piece, or to upgrade and customise a bike according to the owner's preference. For either consideration, buyers must consider the parts they need and the make and model of bike the parts are intended to be installed on.

Most buyers can choose between purchasing parts at local Kawasaki dealerships and waiting for them to arrive or ordering them at online sites that sell motorcycle parts or are authorized Kawasaki sellers. Online buying options include purchasing custom or factory style parts, ordering original parts or 'universal' body parts that fit a Kawasaki, and choosing between new and used items. Buying from the factory simply guarantees that the parts are made for Kawasaki motorcycles. Buyers who purchase new parts should consider the style of the bike, the condition and price of the part, and their budget.

Checking the Make and Model of the Kawasaki Motorcycle

Many bike parts are made specifically for a make and model of bike. This includes most Kawasaki body parts, so it is important to choose them accordingly. Kawasaki Motors produces upwards of 50 models of motorcycles and there are more than twice that number of Kawasaki motorcycles that are no longer in production. Make and model should include the year of production; the type of bike such as off-road, sports, or street bike; and the exact model number, for example 2005 Vulcan 1500 Drifter.

Some Kawasaki parts are suitable for a wide range of motorcycles, especially if they have not been designed to fit exactly over the bike. For example, most handlebars, wind screens, and many seats are universally sized and can often be interchanged between models and makes of motorcycles. Sometimes it is also possible to use body parts from different types of bikes, although the grips and the shape of the body part still have to fit the bike well. For those who do not know what fits and what does not, purchasing the models produced for Kawasaki is likely to be a wise choice.

Choosing New or Used Kawasaki Body Parts

Choosing between new or used parts is an important part of buying Kawasaki body parts. Many online stores feature a great deal of both new and used items. It is also possible to purchase new body parts from Kawasaki dealers, from bike repair shops, as well as some shops selling used vehicle and motorcycle parts. Generally, used parts can be found most easily online and in junk yards.

Used parts tend to be cheaper than factory new parts and can be just as good as new. Some might require paint or cosmetic touch-ups, depending on the age of the motorcycle. However, some used parts might suffer damage or scratches due to being used. Anyone who would like to buy 'like-new' second-hand parts should carefully examine the parts or read the online description.

New parts are always in good shape, often come with a factory warranty, and can be purchased as customised parts from many shops and stores. New parts are a great option for anyone who wants to restore the bike to factory condition, or who wants to customise the bike and keep it looking good. Online and local purchase options are available for anyone who would like new body parts for a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Purchasing Custom Kawasaki Body Parts

It is possible to purchase custom body parts for Kawasaki motorcycles as long as they fit the motorcycle and stay within legal limitations for the type of bike. Popular simple modifications include changing the paint colour, adding decals or engraving, adding stylised framework, changing the mirrors, and many other options. Extreme modifiers can change the look of a Kawasaki to resemble anything from a Harley Davidson to a futuristic fantasy style, depending on budget and personal preference of the owner.

Legal Considerations for Customising a Kawasaki Motorcycle

While it is possible to customise a Kawasaki motorcycle in almost any way, there are some legal considerations. For example, LED lights are not permitted in many areas except on the license plate tag. Mirrors and extensions must not extend out further than the original mirrors, usually for safety concerns. In some cases there are local applicable laws that affect exactly how far a motorcycle's mirrors can extend out so bike owners should make sure that any replacements are suitable for local regulations.

In addition to these considerations, it is important to alert the Department of Transportation as well as any insurance company with a policy on the bike of any changes made to the motorcycle. These include changes to the chassis and body, as well as any modifications that could affect the performance of the bike. It is also important to notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency of any of the above modifications as well as changes in colour so that they can adjust their records accordingly. The following chart outlines which popular modifications are legal and which are not.



Neon Lights

Illegal almost everywhere

Strobe Lights

Legal with permit

Frame Modifications

Legal if the frame number is updated

Mirror Adjustments

Legal but must be within minimum size standards for the bike class

While minor upgrades of a bike's body parts may be permitted by the law, any and all engine modifications are frowned upon. This is especially true if the upgrades are done at home rather than by a professional. Bike owners should check local regulations before modifying a Kawasaki in any way to ensure that they are not breaking any laws.

Common Kawasaki Body Parts that Need Replacement

While there are many body parts available for Kawasaki motorcycles, the following options are the most common to be replaced or modified. Buyers who know their make and model of Kawasaki, or which parts are compatible with the bike, can simply go and purchase the parts. Those who do not should check the owner's manual that came with the bike, take the parts off and check any numeric identification, or simply locate the parts via the make and model of the motorcycle. Some parts can also be chosen based purely on the measurements of the bike, although it is important to consider the depth and curvature of the part as well.


Fenders are popular for both replacement and customisation. Fenders protect the engine and the frame of the bike from damage and thus are likely the first items to be damaged in an accident. As a consequence, they are one of the most often replaced items. Fenders are also very easy to customise and upgrade. Buyers can easily purchase fenders in different shapes, in different colours, and with a variety of decals. Kawasaki fenders include body hugging, high performance, wide, and many other styles.


Seats can be replaced for a variety of reasons including comfort and customisation. Many people also replace old seats to upgrade a motorcycle. Normally, Kawasaki seats should be purchased exactly for the model they are to be fitted on as many of them actually wrap around the body of the motorcycle. Some options include leather, padded, and standard factory styles, which are often hard plastic.


Many Kawasaki motorcycles come without windscreens but they are easy to place on most bikes. There are many styles and shapes of screens but most are designed to fit a range of bikes. Buyers should consider the size of the screen based on the size of the bike, the size of the grips on the screen, and how well the screen blocks wind and bugs on their particular motorcycle.

Bolt Sizes

It is very important to either save bolts from the parts being taken off the motorcycle or to ensure that the new bolts are the exact same size. Bolts that are too large simply cannot fit onto the bike and those that are too small can become a hazard when the bolts either rattle around or eventually slip out of the fitting. Kawasaki motorcycles generally use standard bolt sizes.

Many bikes often feature different bolt sizes, subtle differences, or changes in bolts from one end of the motorcycle to the other. It is important to compare the size of the bolts on different parts when purchasing bolts for multiple areas of the bike. It is also possible to use a drill to make bolt holes larger but once enlarged, standard bolts cannot be used in the bike again.

Buying Kawasaki Body Parts on eBay

eBay is a great place to purchase any type of Kawasaki body parts including new, used, and custom options. Because eBay is an international marketplace, it is possible to find every make, model, and style, including from motorcycles that are no longer in production. Buyers can also look for rare pieces, modified and custom options, or special parts, depending on their needs.

Search for the part you need and consider specifying the Kawasaki make and model the part is for. Some options, such as windscreens, do not require specification but should still be chosen based on compatibility with the bike. Read the full description that accompanies the bike body part, check any photos included, and then either purchase the part or contact the seller with any questions you might have. Shipping from local sellers is faster and more affordable for heavy body pieces, such as frame parts, so you may also want to consider purchasing from someone closer to your location.


Kawasaki body parts include any frame or body pieces intended to be used on any model of Kawasaki motorcycle. While many parts are interchangeable and can be used across multiple bikes, others are made specifically for a single bike model and must be purchased to fit the bike. Buyers should check the make, model, and year of the bike they plan on upgrading before purchasing any body parts online or offline.

Popular replacement parts include fenders, wheels, gas tanks, handlebars and more, and each of these can be purchased new or used. Other buying options include purchasing factory style options or customised and modified options, although the latter must conform with any size and weight regulations associated with the bike and bike class. Finally, buyers can choose to purchase parts from online stores such as eBay, order them from a Kawasaki dealer, or purchase them from a custom shop.

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