How to Buy Kawasaki Brakes

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How to Buy Kawasaki Brakes

One of the most important aspects of a motorbike is the braking system. The brakes on a motorbike can literally save a rider's life. A proper braking system can prevent accidents, slides, collisions, and other types of accidents. Choosing brakes for a Kawasaki motorbike is something that should be done after careful consideration. Most of the brakes and braking systems available are cost-effective and easy to install. Most motorbike shops can help with both the selection of brakes and the installation. Most of the braking systems designed specifically for Kawasaki motorbikes take a variety of road conditions into account.

Kawasaki brakes can be purchased at auto repair shops, dealerships, and on the online auction website, eBay. Although it may not seem like it, there are many things to consider when purchasing Kawasaki brakes. Each portion should be considered to make certain that these important safety devices fit well and are perfect for a motorbike. When choosing the correct braking system for a Kawasaki, it is a good idea to analyse the type of Kawasaki bike for which the brakes are being purchased, and then choose the type of brake pad.

Types of Kawasaki Motorbikes

There are many different types of Kawasaki motorbikes. Most of them contain the same braking system and can use the same stock brakes. The sport, supersport, and sport touring models can have the standard carbon shoe brakes installed with little or no trouble. These brakes are adequate as long as the bike is not under a large amount of strain. If the Kawasaki motorbike is being taken through mountains or onto tough terrain, such as the switchbacks for which many mountainous regions are popular, then a set of high-performance brakes should replace the standard edition. Many of the road surfaces where people enjoy sport bike riding are gravel-covered and contain sharp turns so a set of brakes are needed that are going to slow a bike without causing a high side or slip.

For the Kawasaki touring, cruisers, and dual-purpose bikes, the amount of time that a bike is used has to be factored into the purchase of brakes. Many times, stock brakes suffice if the roads that are travelled upon are relatively smooth and the bike is not meant for off-road riding, but for slow meandering rides through the countryside. Touring bikes and cruisers are much different than the sport versions of the Kawasaki due to their size, weight, and build. They are not meant to take the kind of abuse for which sport bikes and motocross bikes are meant.

Motocross bikes and other off-road versions of the Kawasaki motorbike ordinarily use specialised brakes and brake pads for off-road riding. Since conditions in sand, gravel, and hard-packed dirt are the normal conditions for these bikes, a person has to make sure that they have specialised brakes. Since motocross and off-road bike brakes are constantly exposed to rough sand while braking on disc brakes, a heavy duty brake is often needed. These reduce slipping on the disc due to sand, and have the strength to deal with constant braking and acceleration.

Type of Brakes for Different Kawasaki Bike Styles

There are a few different styles of Kawasaki motorbike. Each of these styles has individual braking needs. Some need a hard no-slip brake, while others need a smoother more controlled brake, still others need more durability due to their conditions.

A sport bike needs fluid brakes that allow for hard stops and quick acceleration. In many conditions in which sport bikes are ridden, improper braking or brakes can be dangerous. One of the most important things about sport bikes is the ability to brake without sliding or slipping. This is why kevlar brakes are preferred. They are durable and not likely to wear quickly, and they grab without pulling.

A cruiser needs more braking power because it is considerably heavier than the sport and motocross Kawasaki motorbikes. They do not travel at the speed of sport bikes, so the need for a heavy brake is clear since it needs to stop a heavier motorbike. A good set of brakes are sinter or semi-metallic brakes, which work well on the cruiser-style of Kawasaki bike.

A motocross or off-road bike needs a combination of stopping power and durability. Most of these brakes are kevlar or carbon fibre brakes. They can take a lot of wear without becoming worn. They are routinely soaked in water, mud, and sand, which can cause ordinary brake pads to wear quickly and easily.

Since almost all Kawasaki bikes have disc brakes, the disc is not the most important part of the brake. The brake pads are extremely important. Each of the different Kawasaki bikes have different needs when it comes to brakes.

Type of Bike

Type of Brakes

Sport bikes

Super sport bikes

Sport touring bikes


Carbon Fibre

Compound bakes


Touring bikes

Dual-purpose bikes

Sinter brakes

Semi-sinter brakes

Semi-metallic brakes

Stock brakes

Motocross bikes

Off-road bikes


Carbon Fibre

Heavy duty compound breaks

Choosing the right brakes for a Kawasaki motorbike in question is extremely important. Although there are many brands of these brakes, the material and their manufacture is most important. Many of these materials only come in performance-style brakes. As most Kawasaki brakes are disc brakes, the decision of which type of brakes to purchase has essentially been made already. It would be foolish to change the type of brake out completely when it is the brake pad that truly matters.

Many times, the standard brakes placed on a Kawasaki motorbike are not enough for the power motorbike user. Since the ability to brake is one of the most important things for a bike to be able to do, brake pads are not something that should be neglected. When a front or rear brake pad seems low, it is time to take the bike in to be serviced, or purchase new brake pads and install them.

Changing the Complete Braking System

In order to change the entire brake system, a person must purchase the disc, callipers, and brake housing. Most of the time, these are available in kits or an all-in-one type of package. If the entire brake is replaced, the new pads have to be checked to see if they are suitable for the purpose for which the bike is going to be used. Many times, stock brakes and brake pads that are purchased for a specific bike from Kawasaki contain a standard brake pad. These standard shoes and pads are not always the best for the type of bike. They can easily be changed after purchasing a total brake kit. Most serious riders purchase brake pads separately to suit their bike and driving style. For instance, motocross pads, particularly for competition riding, need to be more durable than those for a sport bike or a cruiser.

Most people do not change the entire brake system unless there is a problem with both front and rear brakes. Each of the different types of bikes has a specialised brake system from Kawasaki. At times, it is easier to order the brakes directly from Kawasaki just to make sure that everything fits correctly.

Buying Kawasaki Brakes and Brake Pads on eBay

When purchasing brakes or brake pads on eBay, all you have to do is input the keywords into the search box, and then click the search button, which causes a list to populate with all of the results for those key words. It may be necessary to narrow or widen the search by adding or subtracting search terms to get the exact list of results that you need. This either expands or contracts the list so that it is more suitable for your needs.

Once you browse through the list, select one of the listings that matches your search terms and is of interest to you. Click on this listing, and a detailed description of the listing appears. This listing page contains a description that needs to be read carefully. Make note of the seller's return and shipping policies, as well as from where the brakes are coming. Also, make note of the seller's feedback, which is also accessible from this page. The seller's feedback can give you a good idea of what it is like to deal with that seller.


Purchasing brakes for a Kawasaki motorbike does not have to be difficult. You must consider the type of bike it is, the surfaces on which the bike is being driven, and how often the bike is driven, in order to get a good idea of which brake and brake pads are needed. Take time when choosing a type of brake and the material from which it is made, because brakes are one of the most important parts of motorbike riding. Whether you are riding professionally or simply for fun, having the correct brake pads and brakes is extremely important. Full brake kits can be purchased from Kawasaki or from the popular auction website, eBay. You can also purchase shoes and pads separately on eBay.

Regardless of the type of bike for which the brakes are being purchased, it is important to get the correct pads for the activities in which the bike is to be engaged. Most activities on a motorbike require special materials. Many riders purchase pads and shoes together to make sure everything fits correctly.

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